Best Selling Erotica Book Provides C-A-R-E to Your Intimate Relationships


Erotica can reconnect a woman with her inner Goddess. Our sexuality is integral to our identity and well-being. Awakening our sexuality can help improve self-esteem and self-confidence, physical health and improve our intimate relationships, parenting and work performance. Empowered women make better lovers, benefitting their partners, too!

Chronicles of a Guru

Now though my partner has to travel a lot on work related assignments, we are contented, I do what I love, teaching, writing and communicating. Something that was a horrendous experience for me became a turning point in my life. Silence gave me that epiphany, that “aha!” moment. I felt I had […]

Everybody Was Wearing Sexy Masks

Author Jessica Lucas – Voice by Penelope Canyon – He has not spoken, and I will not either. His touch is enough to convey the passion that will unfold. Slowly his hands move down towards my breasts. He continues to massage me, sending my tension away into an abyss. As his hands move closer to my breasts I shutter by the sensation.

Finding My Tantric Bliss

Author Jessica Lucas ~ Voice Auberon Skye – As if sensing my reaction, the woman opened up her eyes looking straight at me, her lover’s tongue still in her mouth as she smiled at me again. He turned to see what she was looking at, and saw me as well. He turned back to her, and after gazing into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, she turned back to me and extended a slender arm and beckoned with her finger for me to come closer.

God & The Spiritual

God & The Spiritual By Author Jenny Clark. What happens to us if there is no god? For without god we are soul less? Imagine a world without god; a world with no rules, no ethics, no beliefs, and no soul. It would be utter chaos. Faith is something very […]

Grey is My Favorite Color

Author Skyler Knightley – Voice by Auberon Skye – Within fifteen minutes, the stage was set. My assistants had stripped and bound our young lad down to a bed in the back. The older Exe chose a plush chair and moved it toward the edge of the bed.

He was a Dad at My Daughters School

Author Jessica Lucas – Voice by Auberon Skye – I can’t help but smile at the kindness. But he has stopped using the cloth. His hands are slowly moving up my legs, caressing the backs of my knees and kneading the skin of my thighs. I can see the grape juice sticking to his fingers. Little drops of purple are moving down his skin.

Her Sexy Love Letter to Her

Create a “Personalized Sexy Love Letter” for Your Partner – Record this Personalized Love Letter using either your Smart Phone or Computer, Make it Your Own! (Then Email it to your Sweetheart.) She will Appreciate You, and Thank You for making Her Feel Even More Special…

Her Sexy Love Letter to Him

Make a “Personalized Sexy Love Letter” for Your Lover – I’m looking out at the miraculous view and you wrap your arms around me from behind. I inhale deeply capturing all those smells from your favorite shirt that I used for comfort while you were gone. You lean into me with your breath dancing across my neck. I stretch back so I can feel even closer to you.

His Sexy Love Letter

Stay in Touch with Your Loved One, Make Her a Sexy Love Letter on – Great for couples – His Sexy Love Letter…

Jenny Clark on how I became a Guru

“Jenney Clark On “How I Became A Guru” Namaste everyone, greetings from the Indian Sub Continent; I come from India the land of the mystical, of gurus and yoga, Ayurveda and Gandhi. My country has been the birth place of some of the world’s earliest religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and […]

Late for the Last Time

Author Julianna Clemmens – Voice by W. Nilly – “Charlotte, I only punish people who want to be punished. Do you…want to be punished?” Charlotte swallowed hard; my cock was getting harder by the minute thinking about her pussy, which must have been throbbing with desire.

Learning about Chakras

Learning About Chakras By Author Jenney Clark.  According to Hindu, tantric or yogic beliefs and practices, “Chakras” are enormous pools of energy centre points located within the human body. Chakras are essential to our spiritual and psychological development. The very quality of our sacred existence and growth is linked to […]

Office Tryst

Author Deirdre Wenley – Voice by Auberon Skye – Part 2 -I felt a sort of twinkling in my tummy. I was extremely attracted to Blake. In fact, I had been since I first met him at the company pool party when he looked me up and down in my bikini. My husband actually had joked if I’d exchange sexual favors to ensure he’d get a promotion. (I guess, “Be careful what you wish for!”)

On Your Knees

Author Jessica Lucas – Voice by Auberon Skye – Part 1 – I am very good at following directions, so when I received a note at work today stating I should be at the Palms Hotel at 7:00 p.m. wearing a short black skirt, white blouse, and no panties I Obliged accordingly.

Shopping for a Hot Romantic Read

RawrWoman’s Erotica for the Soul Vol. 1 is a collection of twelve short stories and three letters that turn up the heat and stimulate passion. These short stories are definitely erotica, but they also serve a purpose of letting women express themselves in creative and uninhibited ways. As the book states on page one, “Statistics show that most women are not seeking explicit scenes of sexual activity but rather character driven stories of romantic relationships that involve sex. RawrWoman provides the perfect venue for this exploration.” Each story in the collection is by women and for women. The book is about empowerment and making people feel more comfortable with their fantasies.

The Playboy

Author Logan Rensfield – Voice by W.Nilly – She was wearing this fitted sweater and pencil skirt. And glasses. Sexy smart librarian type. Her tits were amazing. While she lectured, I was fantasizing about doing her in her office. I pictured her standing before me in sexy but demure lingerie, her firm C cups spilling from a white lacy bra. I felt something stir in my jeans. She stared straight at me and grazed her teeth over her lower lip. Oh, I was going to be paying Dr. Wilcox an office visit. And she would not be able to resist me.