East Meet’s West

Meet Spiritual Guru Jenney Clarkshutterstock_116705164

Jenney Clark is an Indian Author, Poet and Spiritual Guru.

She gave up a high-powered corporate job in the service industry to pursue her passion to guide  people on the path to spirituality.

She teaches yoga and meditation techniques; She is deeply spiritual and loves the mystical.

Her teachings embody different faiths and beliefs with an amalgamation of Christian values, Buddhist practices, Hindu dogmas and a Yogic way of life.

Besides being a writer, she espouses the cause of the underdog. 

She abhors violence, child abuse, gender abuse, animal abuse and discrimination in any form.

She loves Mother Nature and all of its magnificent creatures.

She dreams of a universe that is united in “One Love” and a brother/sisterhood of all mankind.

She unequivocally says, “I would like to remain true to my soul expression and reach people everywhere through unconditional love. I want to break every stereotype, every bias that stops us from moving forward as connected souls of one, big, happy universe; that we may all progress toward one love
- Jenney Clark , Guru