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Jenny Clark on how I became a Guru -

September 25, 2016 / East Meet's West / Hits: 15694 / 93 Comments
“Jenney Clark On “How I Became A Guru”

Namaste everyone, greetings from the Indian Sub Continent;

I come from India the land of the mystical, of gurus and yoga, Ayurveda and Gandhi. My country has been the birth place of some of the world’s earliest religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and even Sikhism
Let me say right away, I may be a guru, but I am as real as you, I bleed when I hurt. As a kid, I had trust issues; I suffered emotional and physical trauma. And that is how my journey to find truth and love began, even as a child. However today, I realize many of my life lessons were an essential part of finding my inner truth, understanding Karma and the higher self.
I was raised a Roman Catholic and studied catechism from the age of 3 for 15 years under the vigilance of Carmelite nuns. To me meditation came easy; most of my childhood was spent saying the rosary. Much like the repetitive chants we use to go inward during meditation.
As I began to meditate, things altered for me. I experienced many uplifting changes, I vibrated at higher energy levels, I started to gain abilities. Gradually, I learnt to tune in to my higher self, to understand that these perceptions were projections of energy that I sensed because of my now illuminated self; abilities of Claircognizance and sometimes precognition. I understood everyone can do this not just me. The more you access your higher self, the akashic records and reverse the process of karma the more your abilities develop.
In one of my astral journeys, I met some ascended masters, among them Shirdi Saibaba, A revered 19th century saint from India and St. Anthony, a Roman Catholic saint. From the time I can remember, I have wanted to make a difference, help others put an end to all the pain and suffering in our world. The kind that I had felt too, these saints were telling me the same.
Being born an Indian, I have grown up with a lot of reverence and respect for the term Guru.. . Guru is derived from the 2500 year old Sanskrit word, which means teacher. “Gu” actually means darkness and “ru” means light. And that is what I wish to do, share some of that light, guide other souls like me toward self realization.
Love and Peace

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