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Late for the Last Time - Author Juliana Clemmens

January 8, 2015 / Erotica for the Soul / Hits: 25130 / 37 Comments

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Narrated by W. Nilly.
It was a Tuesday morning inside the high-rise office building I was about to consult in. 
I stood at the front of the conference room, next to the large manager of the sales firm, matching in our expensive pinstriped suits.
There were fifteen or so employees gathered in the seats facing the manager and I, they were chatting harmlessly among them selves while we all waited for the last few to trickle in.
A couple of minutes after 9am the manager began to speak in his dreadful monotone, “Everyone, this is Niko Roman, he’s an outside consultant sent in from HQ to help improve things around here.
Our numbers are at an all-time low this quarter, and Mr. Roman is here to make sure everyone is carrying their weight. Today you answer to him, do as he says and not only will everyone keep their jobs, maybe we’ll be able to bring back Christmas bonuses this year.
Late for the Last Time -  “Niko” the manager gestured to me, and I began my PowerPoint presentation about stock holdings and revenue, pointing to dozens of graphs and tables which all boiled down to the general laziness and ineptitude showed by the firm’s employees.
How was I ever going to get through to them? As I prepared to switch slides again the conference room door opened and a breathless, blonde woman in a skirt suit walked into the room.
Feeling all eyes turn on her, the woman, who couldn’t have been more than twenty-five, said “Sorry I’m—“
I cut her off and as she looked around for the source of it her eyes landed on me.
  “And who are you?” she asked with an air of halfhearted defiance. Her impetuous tone intrigued me. The manager stepped forward to answer her but I raised my hand, gesturing him to step back.
 “I’m Niko Roman, an consultant hired to…whip you…into shape,” I smiled suggestively, and the woman looked flustered.
She bit her lip, whether nervously or seductively I couldn’t tell. I continued.
  “You’re fifteen minutes late…”
  “Charlotte. My name is Charlotte,” the woman blushed hard.
  “Do you always show this much disrespect for your place of employment?”
I may have been there for a job, but I was thoroughly enjoying humiliating Charlotte for personal reasons in this moment.
  “No sir,” she stuttered.
  “Well, you’ve missed my entire presentation thus far.” I turned to the manager, “If you don’t mind going over the rest of the numbers for this quarter, I’ll fill Charlotte in on…everything she missed.”
I winked at her, but did not permit myself to smile.
  “Yes, of course,” the manager said, clearly feeling about as ashamed of Charlotte’s tardiness as she did. As he continued through my presentation I ushered Charlotte out of the conference room and into the empty office that was allotted me for the week.
I sat behind the desk, gesturing for Charlotte to sit in a chair the opposite.
  “So I have your file here,” I began, slipping a thick manila folder from out of the desk and rustling through its pages. “You’ve been late 23 times in the past year, absent five times, you’ve had 49 negative customer reviews, shall I continue?”
Late for the Last Time - RawrWoman.comCharlotte blushed again.
  “I know, Mr. Roman, and I’m so sorry. This has been a rough year for me…
  ”I held up a finger to cut her off.
  “Call me Niko,” I said, not unkindly. I was being gentler with her than she deserved.
  “Niko,” Charlotte looked at me uncertainly, and I thought I saw her breathe in sharply,
  “Are you here to fire me?”
  “No! Of course not,” I replied, surprised, but enjoying the sense of power I had over her.
  “Then are you here to punish me?” Charlotte blurted. I laughed, surprised again, but my surprise faded into something darker, more suggestive.
Charlotte followed my eyes as they moved quickly up and down her body.
  “Charlotte, I only punish people who want to be punished. Do you…want to be punished?” Charlotte swallowed hard; my cock was getting harder by the minute thinking about her pussy, which must have been throbbing with desire.
I have always been able to spot the naughty girls from a distance.
  “I see,” I smiled, and looked at her file once again. “If we add up all the infractions I listed earlier, that’s a total of 77 offenses.”
I thought I could hear Charlotte’s heart pounding. “And then, of course there’s this very big offense…which will round that number to an even 100.”
  “What’s that?” Charlotte asked softly, and I could see that her lips were trembling.
I smiled as I leaned across the table and bit her bottom lip softly before slipping the tip of my tongue in and out of her mouth.
  “Fooling around with the new guy at work of course,” I said quietly.
I straightened myself so all six feet of me were clearly visible and in a louder, firmer voice I said,
  “Stand up and take off your clothes.” Charlotte obeyed.
I was out of my mind with a desire to feel my hand on her pulsing clit, to hear her whimper at my touch.
She unbuttoned her blouse, exposing a lacy, purple bra, which she unhooked in turn.
Late for the Last Time - RawrWoman.comMy eyes grew in size as her breasts bounced from its clutches, and Charlotte glanced at the bulge between my legs, which had grown about twice in size since I’d first stood. Charlotte began to unzip her skirt when I stopped her.
  “No,” I said, “leave the skirt on, but take off everything else.” Again, Charlotte obeyed, slipping off her heels, and then pantyhose, and finally, her panties.
My breathing was clearly audible now as I inspected her black panties, drenched in her juices on the ground. “Naughty girl,”
I smiled before ordering Charlotte to lie down on her back on the desk.
She did what she was told, and spread her legs wide.
I could smell the sweet saltiness of her exposed cunt.
  “What are you going to do to me Niko?” she asked, moaning as I inserted a single finger into her throbbing vagina.
  “Well,” I began, moving my finger in a slow, circular motion inside of her.
  “100 infractions, 100 flicks of my tongue on that pussy.
Un-less you’d rather leave? You’re free to leave at any time without any consequences.
  “The consequences only come if you stay” I added.
  “God yes,” Charlotte gasped.
  “Good, I want you to count each flick of my tongue on your pussy, out loud.”
  “What if someone hears us?” Charlotte asked.
  “Your boss had one hell of a PowerPoint Presentation he still needed to get through before we left.
But even if they finish before we do, if you miss a number, or try to be quiet, then we’re starting all over.”Charlotte bit her lip hard and pushed my head between her thighs.”
My face was enveloped in her fleshy pink cunt, and I worked my tongue up and down her quivering clitoris so slowly it took at least ten seconds to make its way across.
  “One,” she gasped, and before the syllable had left her mouth I began its way across her clit again, my finger thrusting deeper into her pussy.
  “Two,” She moaned. I kept alternating between slow luxurious strokes of my tongue that left Charlotte shaking, and quick staggered ones that left her aching for more.
As Charlotte cried out “30,” I put another finger in Her cunt, Her voice began to shake more with each number.
When my tongue ran over her clit for the 47th time Charlotte let out a long moan, her thighs was wobbling around my face, her back arching in ecstasy.
I slipped a finger in her ass while she climaxed and she clenched around it.
When She finished shaking I pulled my head out from under Her skirt.
I removed my fingers and kissed the inside of her right thigh, began to standup when She pushed me back down on my knees. “Where do you think you’re going?”
She asked huskily. “You still have 53 more to go!”

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