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God & The Spiritual -

September 25, 2016 / East Meet's West / Hits: 16647 / 60 Comments

God & The Spiritual

By Author Jenny Clark.
What happens to us if there is no god? For without god we are soul less?
Imagine a world without god; a world with no rules, no ethics, no beliefs, and no soul. It would be utter chaos.
Faith is something very personal; different people have different perceptions of it. The very code of religion, a belief that god exists is something we take on the principle of faith, no doubts or questions asked.
While I was raised a roman catholic, I respect world religions and have even adapted the practices of some faiths like Buddhism.
I do believe that most religions teach you the same thing; love, compassion and solidarity
When a person has no values or principles in life, his spiritual soul dies of thirst. He may become immoral, ineffectual even. Sometimes a person without spirituality in his life becomes a lost soul, anchorless, drifting through varying opinions and doubts, always in search of that elusive something, never happy with all the burning questions and no answers. What a meaningless existence…
Then there are some who walk a different path, for them, religion might seem organized, structured, controlled. I understand that too, neither Jesus nor Buddha told us we had to obey a church or a temple without question, to attain nirvana. Nevertheless do remember, everyone, including atheists have a certain code of ethics they follow, which again is our spiritual soul, guiding us; laying down the law. Cause what are we without a conscience or a set of core values?
So I ask you, isn’t faith better than bedlam and degeneracy? But some may say …yet there are many who perpetrate crime in the name of religion. Still let us not discuss semantics here, Cause life holds many extremes. And for those that walk the other extreme, they are neither normal nor moral..
The true essence of god in each and every religion across the world has been the same. God is love. Religions across many cultures teach us that, telling us to love is to give, not take, telling us to share, not hoard. God teaches us to forgive, not offend.
He tells us it is alright to fall because he will be right there to catch us. God exists all around us; in the beauty of nature, the innocence of a baby, the love of a mother. God is love in its purest form. To lead a happy life, we need love, without that love where would we be?
RawrwomanFor this I tell you, without the divine in our lives we are but souls that walk the earth with neither sense nor purpose; incomplete vessels that see the light but wish to stay in the dark. Many ascended Masters and yogis tell us that nature is the essence of who we are and that is the way he created us.
To be at one with ourselves we must go back to our roots. In our life force or “qi” flows gentle energy, the energy that comes from the entire universe. He created everything around us with love; just as he created us to mirror himself.
The essence of the rivers and trees, mountains and fields, sun and the moon and the stars is at the core of who we are. And to reflect that core of all that is light, to shine like the sun, we must find all that is light within us.




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