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His Sexy Love Letter - Author Jacob Summers

September 28, 2014 / Erotica for the Soul / Hits: 183352 / 256 Comments
The Playboy-Part 2 -Entitled Desires - RawrWoman.comMake a Personalized Sexy Love Letter for Your Partner.  
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This Sample-Recording is Narrated By W. Nilly

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His Sexy Love Letter To Her - Recording)
Each night I am gone, and every morning when I wake up, this is what I will imagine I am Doing to your body.
“You Ready, baby?”
I think you’re wearing far too many clothes. How about we take off your blouse. Lift your arms up. Yes, I want to see your sexy stomach and creamy skin.
You’re so sexy baby, and the line of your torso, near your rib cage drives me wild.
The way it curves into your waist. Now your bra; Toss it on the floor. Yes, show me your perfect breasts.
I love how they bounce when you laugh.
I’m already growing hard and I’ve not even touched you yet.
Now how about we get rid of that skirt? And the panties, too.
Show me your seductive body in the flesh. I can see every inch of you now, and you’re beautiful. Your allure is intoxicating.
Lay down on the bed so I can pleasure every inch of you.
I’ve got my hands around your waist. My tongue is toying with the skin around your navel. I’m on my knees to you, devouring every inch of your stomach with my tongue. Small, little circles I’m making with my hot mouth against your cool skin. You like that don’t you?
But there is more, of course. Your beautiful full breasts are moving up and down with your hard Breath.
His Sexy Love Letter To Her - RawrWoman.comHow about I place one of your nipples in my mouth. 
I can tell from your moan that you like it.
I’m suckling your nipple. It is so hard in my mouth; my teeth can’t help but nibble a tiny bit. Oh, you want more pressure do you? and my tongue? Yes, my tongue is flicking against your nipple now. I love how your back arches with each touch.
I can feel just how hot this is making You.
I’m moving on to your other breast now. 
My hand has found its way to your pussy. Your hot, wet pussy.
My fingers are playing with you now, my palm applying pressure as they move inside of you. Your pussy is so soft and wet.
My mouth continues to devour your breast. Kissing the edges, my teeth pulling at the nipple.
I’ve found your neck now.
How did I forget about that spot at the bottom of your neck where you are so sensitive?
Oh, how my tongue loves to glide up from your neck to your ear, softly nipping at it.
Are you shivering?
Flip over on your back. Yes, I want to kiss your perfect Ass.
But I won’t stop pleasuring you with my fingers.
I want you good and wet for when I slam my hard cock inside of you later.
I can feel your pussy swelling from the pressure. Your clit is there for my taking.
I hate to leave your ass, the butterfly kisses I am placing all over it and the tiny licks I place at the bottom that are making you squeal. 
His Sexy Love Letter To Her - Rawrwoman.comBut my mouth wants to taste you. To have you all over my face as I make you scream with Pleasure, and cum with force. Flip back over. I can see your tremendously sexy breasts again.
You are so sexy when you’re naked. Every curve of your body turns me on.
You like my tongue flickering against your clit? I know you do. You’re getting wetter by the Second, and the way your legs are twitching tell me you’re close to climaxing.  
I want my tongue inside of you.
My hands are cupping your beautiful breasts, and now I’ve got your legs bent up. I can see your delicious pussy. The beautiful contours of it, the lips bright pink and covered in your Delicious juices. My tongue loves going in and out of you.
Curling up to mimic my cock but Releasing when I am inside to lick in circles. Moan for me baby as I grab your neck.
I won’t hurt you; just want to hear you gasp with pleasure. Make me know how much you like me touching you as I move my tongue up and down and twirl it between your lips.
You’ve made my cock so hard I could cum right now on your tits just by Looking at you, hot and wet, and ready for me. 
You can feel my hard cock against your pussy.
I’m moving it up and down against it, your Wetness, gliding me along as I apply pressure against your clit.
 I’m going to fuck you so hard Baby, the bed will break. I’m wild just thinking about how good the inside of you is going to feel on my cock.
Oh, baby, your pussy is so tight. It fits around my cock like it was made for it.
Arch your back so I can move in deeper. That’s right; give me every inch of you to work with. My thrusts are so hard and fast I can barely control myself. The warmth of you is Electrifying and my mind is blown away by the sensations pulsing through my body.
Touch yourself for me. I want to see you pleasure yourself while I watch my cock move in and out of your pussy. Your perfect little tight pussy.
The way your fingers move against your pussy giving you pleasure turns me on so much.
I can barely focus on moving my cock in and out of you. But I won’t stop.
Oh no. I’m going to take you from behind now.
Yes, flip over and get on all fours. You have such an amazing ass. And your back, the contours Of it is so sensual.
I’m moving slow so I can feel every inch of you more closely.
My chest is against your back, the heat from our bodies intermingling.
I’m kissing you up and down your spine. Yes, baby, feel me move inside of you, feel your pulse race with my own.
Things are going to move faster now. I cannot wait any longer.
I’ve got you pulled down to the Bottom of the bed, I’m standing behind you as you’re bent over the edge.
I can see your beautiful hair cascading down your sexy back. I have to pull it, but not too hard.
Do you like that?
Of course you do. You are in my control, and my cock is now pulsing in and out of you fast and quick. It grows harder with every stroke, wanting to explode inside of you.
I want you to cum first. I want to feel your body twitch and have your juices flow all over me.
My fingers have moved to pleasure you while I continue to ram you with my hard cock.
His Sexy Love Letter To Her - RawrWoman.comYour legs are barely touching the ground, and they are shaking. You can feel the intense pleasure my fingers are giving you against your clit. Shall I flick a little more? I think so.
The combination of my fingers, my cock, and the way your body is responding is so intense.
Cum for me baby, show me just how good I make you feel. That’s right, everything is moving so Quick, let go; find your release, as I will find mine.
Yes, I can feel you contracting against my cock. Your back is arching, and you are nearly pulling Away from my cock as the force grows. Don’t leave me baby; share your pleasure with me.
Let me feel you become fulfilled.
Feel the incredible hardness you have created move deep inside of you; pressing harder with every inch while my fingers create their own pressure.
You are so sexy like this, free and close to satisfaction.
One last thrust…one more grip of your breasts from behind.
And you cum all over me…
(Done Recording)



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His Sexy Love Letter -



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