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Her Sexy Love Letter to Her - Author Jessica Lucas

July 5, 2015 / Erotica for the Soul / Hits: 47272 / 1206 Comments
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The Sample-Recording is Narrated By Auberon Skye.

Now it’s Your Turn

(Start Recording)
Your hands are smooth as silk as they glide across my back. Manicured to perfection, each finger a delicate device for pleasure.
The touch of your painted red lips are luscious as they trace the area left behind by your hands down the nape of my neck.
We lay naked on the cool sheets. The chill of the air outside makes its way in from the open window, causing goose bumps to form on our skin and our nipples to grow hard. It is just nearing the end of winter, when the days are warmer but the evenings are colder than expected.
A perfect time to take advantage of lounging in bed, blankets at the ready for when the coolness becomes too much to bear.
With you by my side, staying warm is not a problem. The heat of our bodies, the way we excite one another with a simple touch has kept me warm all winter, and will tonight, as the sky grows darker with each passing minute.
I find you irresistible, as you continue to kiss and touch me from behind. The temptation to pretend I am asleep is great, as I know you will continue caressing every inch of me you can find until I accept your desire.
But I too want to touch you, to glide my hands across your body, smell the almond on your skin; the intoxicating aroma that lingers in every room you have been.
I reach my right hand back, remaining on my side, looking away from you.
My hand finds its way to your inner thighs, right between your legs. Not wanting to rush anything along I gently glide the tips of my fingers against you. My nails drawing like an invisible pen on your skin.
You take a sharp inhale of breath when my hand accidentally brushes against your sweet spot. I feel the wetness between your legs.
My fingers linger, feeling your warmth, and arousing your body more and more as they play with your softness. I yearn to taste you. You scoot nearer to me, your breasts pushing up against my back.
 Her Sexy Love Letter to Her - RawrWoman.comI can feel their hard firmness against me, and I picture in my mind how beautiful they must look pressing against me. You have the most amazing breasts. Perfectly shaped like full teardrops, with nipples a soft pale pink that grow hard whenever my tongue is against them.
Your leg has made its way up and curls over mine, awaking me from the daydream where your breasts were bouncing up and down as you jumped on the bed atop me, laughing and smiling down at me, completely naked and absolutely captivating.
Then I realize there is no need to daydream because you are here, with me, now.
All I need to do is turn around to face you, nudge my naked body down against yours and I would be able to indulge myself with those perfect breasts. I turn my head to the side and look into your gorgeous face.
The long dark eyelashes, round eyes the color of a green valley in spring, and those lips. Oh, your beautiful plump lips that beg to be kissed.
I kiss your hard on the mouth. No tongue, just the pressure of my lips against yours. I push my backside into you, gently moving my hips back and forth to create friction between our bodies.
You grab my breast, squeezing it a tad too hard so I moan while the amazing pain and pleasure sensation runs through my body. When I break away you greet me with a sly smile, and lick your lips.
Oh, how you can turn me on with just one simple action, one glance at your tongue sends me into a whirlpool of pleasure. All I have to do is ask. And ask I will.
“I want to feel your tongue on me,” I say. A quick kiss on the lips is your answer, as you crawl up on all fours and I lay on my back, my legs bent up waiting for your approach.
You began by placing tiny kisses on my other lips.
The smoothness of your lips, against mine, is delightful. With one long motion of your tongue you touch every inch of me. I feel you against my sensitive insides, and along the top of my sex. Your tongue sends sensations through me, and when you move your mouth all over me, dancing against me- I am overcome with desire.
I watched you on all fours, your head bent down between my legs, ass up in the air. You could lay down flatter, or even on your side, but you know how much I liked seeing your bottom, the curve of your back, the tiny waist above slender hips.
The way your long, wavy black hair cascades around my thighs turns me on. The softness of your hair tickles my skin as your head moves.
I grab a piece of it in my hand, twirling it between my fingers before gliding it across my stomach. Its soft touch tantalizing, while your tongue works magic on me.
My desire is to feel you against my mouth, my tongue, place my fingers inside of you, and hear the cries of us both moaning in pleasure. I pull tight on your hair, signaling for your head to pop up and look at me.
Your eyes, glassy with the clear look of desire, peek at me from below. Your mouth is wet with my juices, your lips glistening. You smile again, that great big irresistible smile.
Without me even having to say a word you climb on top of me, placing your pink velvetiness in my face as you remain on all fours.
I can see every inch of your beauty at this angle. Your toned, long legs on each side, your firm stomach with its adorable crooked belly button, and your breasts hanging down right before my eyes, like two perfectly formed melons about to fall from a tree.
The greatest part of all is the soft spot I am about to feel- it tenses- and gets wetter with every flick of my tongue and snap of a finger.
I take to you voraciously, as if I have been without water for days and need to quench my thirst.
My tongue swirls around your clit. I go inside of you and out again, and even dare to lick you far back; the jolt of a reaction I receive tells me it is an “oh so sensitive” spot. My tongue having played long enough,
I let my fingers have their fun. One finger, then two pressing inside of you; pushing against the warm interior of your body. When three fingers enter you, they fan out and play your body like a piano from the inside, as your mouth comes down on me hard.
Your tongue is wild as it slides across me. You push your hands underneath by ass and grabbing it hard, you lift my pussy up into your face further. The insane pleasure I is feel makes it hard for me to think about anything else, but I need to continue to please you.
My tongue goes back to work as my hands find your breasts. I cup them in my hands, pulling gently and then pushing back. I massage them tenderly, and then pinch your nipples. The accompanying moan tells me you enjoy the pleasure, and the surprised moment of pain.
Your tongue is inside of me now as your face presses against me. I do the same for you, pushing further and further with my mouth as my face is basking in being covered in your wetness. As if in perfect time with one another, we withdraw our tongues and proceed to swirl with the tips while fingers go in and out and hands grab, tug, and pinch every inch of flesh we find.
Everything starts moving quicker, the room grows a shade darker, and my eyes no longer want to stay open. I arch my back, feeling my climax getting close. Then you take two fingers, press them to the side of each of my lips, and lick with great pressure at the same time. I can hold back no longer. Every part of my body is awakened, and the nectar within me flows out in a great wave of joy.
My climax triggers your own, and I watch your muscles tighten, your pussy flex, feel it grow wetter, until you give in to the moment and expel a great sigh.
Her Sexy Love Letter To Her - RawrWoman.comYour body collapsing onto mine; your arms enfolding my legs as your legs gracefully move to one side. I lay there, tracing the outlines of your calves with my eyes, the curve of your bottom, the row of freckles running up your right thigh.
The last image I see is of your sweet smiling eyes before I drift off to sleep knowing that you, this gorgeous creature would be here when I woke up to enjoy again.
(Done recording)



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