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“There are great short stories created at RawrWoman™ each and every day”

Come back often, We focus on the female audience’s senses, an arousing destination built with the woman in mind, a to feel safe and let your inhibitions go.



Upcoming Stories!

“Interlude in a Hallway” Posted

Narrated by Auberon Skye.

Do you have the key? he asked, as I stood there squirming, dying to have these robes off and his body pressed against mine. Don't worry, I'll find it, he said, taking me by the shoulders and pushing me back against our door. He kissed my lips, running his fingers across my forehead, sweeping the wet hair plastered there to the side
- Jessica Lucas , Author

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Narrated by Auberon Skye.

Moving in front of me, he took his hands and undid each button and the zipper, letting my jacket fall to the floor. Next came my sweater, a thick wool that hid from sight all of my curves. My body was hidden beneath all of these layers, and he found a way to make finding it again oh so tantalizing. Tiny kisses he placed along the nape of my neck, the only area exposed at this moment. His hands moved to the bottom of my sweater and with ease he lifted it off over my head. Only two more layers to go, I thought
- Jessica Lucas , Author

“One Night”

Narrated by Auberon Skye.

How’s it going today honey? Find everything that you were looking for? She held up the hundred dollar bill to see if it was real, while her drawer hit her right above her pelvic area making her stick out her ass even farther. They never responded with anything new it seemed. “Sure did, babe. Say… hey, you might want to get a drink later on?
- Laney Oden , Author

“Finding My Tantric Bliss – Part 3” POSTED

Narrated by Auberon Skye.

I decided today that it was time for me to go out and explore some of the classes. I looked at the schedule, written in black charcoal on a large wooden board that was probably reclaimed from some old store in order to minimize the festival’s carbon footprint. Hmm. There was yoga most of the day, and the next class was coming up soon. After that was something about connecting with your inner warrior, and something called Tantric Discovery.
- Jessica Lucas , Author

“Digging Into My Dreams” By Skyler Knightley.

Narrated by Auberon Skye.

His hands were large and perfectly manicured even though he was continuously digging in the dirt. His hair was a delicious brown and never needed styling because he woke up with it in absolute perfection. He was only twenty-five but he seemed more like thirty-five in demeanor, maturity, and intelligence. “You know what this is?” He asked, with a sharp, shaped, dark eyebrow cocked. “A sacrificial platform. The Shaman used it to sacrifice virgins, I believe, to appease his gods.” I ran a finger along the edge of the platform, working my way slowly toward the incredibly handsome Dr. Kilborn. His smile widened like a wolf ready to pounce, True but it had other uses as well
- Skyler Knightley , Author

“The Intern” Part One by Jacqueline Marshall.

Narrated by Auberon Skye.

I walked in the door and we locked eyes. Damn, this woman was sexier than her LinkedIn photo. She has flowing red hair, green eyes and was wearing a silk blouse and trousers with sky high heels. I was trying to focus but couldn’t stop thinking about running my hands over those perfect tits and that perky ass. Shit.
- Jacqueline Marshall , Author


The Team behind RawrWoman™ is united by…

  • A love for creating content that changes people lives.
  • The belief that the free flow of ideas serves society.
  • We push media boundaries to drive real change.
  • The drive to create media on which we ourselves would spend our hard earned money and attention.


RawrWoman™ Foundation is a next-generation media company on a mission to empower the sophisticated nature of the female psyche, an enlightened community for women to connect and thrive. The RawrWoman™ Brand Radiates Elegance, Style and High Quality, all of our content is created to entice, fascinate, and above all provide pleasure to the woman who indulges in all we have to offer.
- Peter Hansen , Founder

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