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RawrWoman Couples.

RawrWoman aims to please all forms of intimate relationships, and couple’s have a special place to call their own.

Here is where you will find sensual content to use to connect with your special someone, whether they are near to you or far away. Intimacy knows no boundaries, and feeding the spark between two people is something RawrWoman writers know exactly how to do.

From our inventive imaginations, and drawing from experience in our own committed relationships, the content we create for couple’s is made to keep the bond you share secure, and add a touch of spice to your relationship.

Whether your special someone is away on a business trip, stationed overseas in the military, or simply working a long day at the office, and you miss his or her touch, share something special with them from RawrWoman and revel in the fact that you’ve delighted your partner and made sure they know just how much you desire them even when you are apart.

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Send Your Special Someone A RawrWoman Personalized Sexy Love-letter… Made by You.

Pick your favorite fantasy from our trove of delectable stories and share it with your paramour.

Let him or her know this is how you would like to be touched the next time you are together, and should the story include props, well, be sure to have them ready when they get home.


How to Record An Erotic Story For Your Sweetheart:

There are many ways to show someone how much you desire them, and  RawrWoman has created a very special treat for those who want to personalize their steamy message. Use one of the unique love letters we have created and record it in your voice as a gift to your beloved. Put emphasis on the words and phrases that excite you most, and add a touch of your desire by throwing in a moan or two of your own, if you please.


RawrWoman.com - Send Your Loved One Personalized Love LetterClick on one of the 3 stories below, warm up your voice, hit record on your phone or computer and be prepared to have your lover yearning for your touch.


Gentlemen, we have all you need here:

His Sexy Love Letter To Her

“His Sexy Love Letter To Her”


Ladies, you can find stories from the female perspective here:

- Sexy Audio Love Letters - RawrWoman.com
Sexy Love Letter To Him

“Her Sexy Love Letter To Him”

Her Sexy Love Letter To Her

“Her Sexy Love Letter To Her”


Couples Section - RawrWoman.com“Remember that you can share as many stories as you like with your lover. All of Our featured stories can be used, because no one should have to choose just one Tantalizing Fantasy”

We hope you will love this special feature we’ve created for active participation between you and your lover, with a small dose of guidance from RawrWoman.com experts.

Make sure to cater to our offerings to your specific needs so you and your partner can  have the best experience possible…


The RawrWoman™ Foundation is a next-generation media company on a mission to empower the sophisticated nature of the female psyche, an enlightened community for women to connect and thrive.
- Peter Hansen , Founder

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