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Grey is My Favorite Color - Author Skyler Knightley

August 25, 2015 / Erotica for the Soul / Hits: 27741 / 28 Comments

Voice Auberon Skye.
I tapped my newly painted grey nails against the ebony arched walkway.
Grey had always been my favorite color, promising uncertainty with a slight hint of gentile femininity.
Men found the glossiness appealing when I raked it down their sweaty, heaving chests.
The two men standing before me in pristine business suits couldn’t take their eyes off my fingers as I contemplated their offer.
The older one who couldn’t have been more than thirty-five allowed his sapphire eyes to drift toward my low cut, red, silk blouse. He licked his lips longingly then directed his attention to the younger man standing beside him.
The younger had chewed his lip so heavily from nervousness that when it plucked from between his teeth, it left an enticing pink pout.
That action was the only betrayal of his anxiousness, as he stood tall and erect next to his equally handsome employer.
“What do you say?” The older asked, rubbing his perfectly chiseled chin.
I stopped rapping my nails to lean more into the archway, stretching my body almost like a cat, resting my hand slightly on my right hip and cocking it seductively. “I must say I’ve never quite encountered such a request.”
The older laughed deeply then slapped the younger on the back, “Call it a new way to break in my employees. If I see them vulnerable in front of me, they are less likely to betray me.”
“And what better way to show vulnerability then being bound, naked, while someone makes you cum again and again.”
A naughty smile crossed his lips. This guy was more of a control freak than I was.
“Precisely. Not to mention that I have always wanted to watch a beautiful woman absolutely dominate a sexy man, especially delectable morsels like the one standing beside me.”
The older straightened his navy suit coat.Money was his way of obtaining his every fantasy.
I had been in the dominatrix business for about six months and my methods were quickly becoming popular via word of mouth. Rather than inflicting pain, my whole operation was for men seeking a woman to dominate them with a flare for allowing them to be vulnerable but not in a demeaning way.
Grey is My Favorite Color - Boundaries Part Two - RawrWoman.comMy clientele was sleek, successful, and powerful. They needed a discrete place to be the opposite of what their normal lives held.
That’s where I came in

“I’m deeply intrigued. So, you just want to watch?” I removed myself from the archway and walked around the two, assessing my prey.
The olde
r’s smile turned wicked,
“Yes, however, if I am so inclined to change my mind.
You’ll be the first to know.”
I stopped behind the two men and admired their perfectly sculpted asses. “Deal. It’s nice to meet someone who has a similar itch to scratch.”
“If things go well, trust me, I’ll be back for you to scratch all my itches.” The older rubbed his hands together. I knew he was eager to get started.
I traced one of my newly manicured nails across the back of the younger’s shoulders as I finished circling around him, “Where shall we go, pretty?”Within fifteen minutes, the stage was set. My assistants had stripped and bound our young lad down to a bed in the back. The older exe chose a plush chair and moved it toward the edge of the bed.
One of my assistants had poured him a brandy and he swirled it around enticingly before finally allowing the liquid to slide down his throat.
Sweat was collecting on the younger exe as he waited to see what would happen next.
I slowly unzipped my black, leather, pencil skirt, feeling both men’s eyes tearing into me with pure animal desire. I dropped my red blouse to the floor, deciding to keep my garters, matching black bra and panties, and my expensive, black stilettos a little bit longer.
I sauntered over to the bed and smiled at what I saw. He was already massively hard. His beautifully long cock curled up to his naval and was absolutely perfect. I reached out and ran one finger slowly up his enormous erection.
He gasped and locked eyes with me. He had the most intriguing green eyes I’d ever seen.
For a moment, I got lost in their color of the deepest emeralds. I straddled him, never once breaking eye contact. I ran my hands up and down his chest, enjoying seeing his dark dusting of chest hair cling to my fingers.
He closed those amazing eyes as air caught in his throat. I felt him grow harder and I immediately felt stimulated myself.
He was beyond tempting.
Grey is My Favorite Color - Boundaries Part Two - RawrWoman.comI leaned in so I could whisper in his ear, making sure to give the older exe an immaculate view of my ass, “Do you trust me?”
“Yes,” his voice came out breathy yet enticingly smoky.
“To do anything? To be mine for an itsy bitsy while?” I slinked back toward him so I could rock against his hardness. I wanted him to feel how wet I was.
He answered with a hypnotized slow shake of his head.
I reached onto the nearby bed stand and grabbed the grey silk fabric that I so loved to play with. I tied it across his perfect green eyes, blocking out all hints of what was about to occur.
His breathing intensified and I felt his heart beat wilder under my fingertips. I laid a gentle kiss upon his still pouty lip.
He tried to deepen the kiss but I backed away, reminding him that I was in charge. I grabbed the delicate container of massage oil. It was a special concoction that I had ordered from France.
The smell was enticing to both sexes while the heat of the mixture grew the more you rubbed it into the skin. I didn’t waste any time and began where some may have felt that I should have ended.
I stroked his hardness, enjoying as he continued to grow in my hand. He returned to chewing his bottom lip to death, trying to fight the sounds wanting to escape from his throat.
I desperately wanted to hear those guttural moans so I lightly licked the tip of his attentive cock.
As the sound finally penetrated his tortured lips, a similar sound occurred behind me. I turned to see the older exe with an empty glass of brandy and an intense stare, bearing into my ass.
“Don’t stop.” He muttered. I stared at him, still unable to move. There was something about him that peaked my curiosity.
As much as I wanted to show the younger under me a thing or two, I had a feeling that there were some tricks that his boss had up his sleeve.
As I turned and teasingly licked the young exe from shaft to tip, I felt two strong hands grab my hips and pull me into him. I sucked the younger into my mouth as the older gently slid my black, lacy thong down my hips.
“I always dreamed of something like this.” The older’s voice was dark and full of want.
I continued to worship the beautiful cock before me, alternating slow licks up and down then sucking him, deeply into the back of my throat. His lips were no longer trapped and willingly allowed delightful sounds to pleasure my senses.
Two fingers stroked my sensitive, soaked clit, causing magical chills to dance up and down my spine.
As the younger’s cock popped from my lips, a gasp of elation exited my mouth. I lowered my mouth back down as the older caressed my wetness, his own sounds starting to match the younger’s. I loved the taste of the pre-cum flowing from the tip of the younger’s dick.
Grey is My Favorite Color - Boundaries Part Two - RawrWoman.comI swallowed hoping for more to emanate from the gloriousness before me.
For a moment, the sensation stopped of the older rubbing me. I turned in time to see him pop two fingers into his mouth and lick my juices off his fingers.
When the two fingers emerged, he plunged them into me, combining the warmth of my own wetness with the hotness from his entrance. I lowered my head back down and enjoying the returned sensation of the younger’s intense cock back where it belonged.
The deeper I drove the younger’s dick into my moist mouth, the further the older drove his fingers inside me. I could barely breath as my hips began to grind against the magical fingertips inside me. He would withdraw, tickle me my swollen clit, and then sink his fingers back into me.
I dug my nails deeply into the younger’s shoulders as the combination of sensations wrapped my soul.
My clit throbbed, begging for more, as the alternating tender tickles and deep plunges drove me into my own level of nirvana.
The younger was completely mine as he withered beneath me. The harmonious reverberations fleeing from his flawless mouth were tortured and yet completely engrossed in pleasure.
The awareness of his release began to slowly slip from his enormous cock. As he came relentlessly down my throat, I experienced the older’s tongue lightly flick my flaming clit. His tongue went faster and faster as the younger kept pumping into me.
When the last drop pulsed down my all too willing throat, I broke away into my own gasps of bliss. I turned around and lay down on top of my now quivering victim.
The older smiled at me wickedly then returned to his sweet mission of torturing my clit with his tremendous tongue. He sucked me into his mouth, sucking three longing times, before lapping at me three times.
The rhythm alternated between the abrupt nesses of the sucking with the tender licks of his tongue. My tightly closed ebony eyes flew open to see the older release the younger’s hands from the restraints and place them on my still covered breasts.
Grey is My Favorite Color - Entitled Desires... RawrWoman.comHe didn’t deviate from his enticing actions of tormenting me with his tongue.
My eyes shut again as I sensed my black, lacy bra slip from my breasts. The younger’s hands clasped onto my hard nipples and began playing with them, keeping them erect and absolutely longing for more attention.
I could barely breath as utter pleasure overtook every cell of my body. I wanted them both desperately and for the first time in a long time, I felt completely victim to what someone else wanted.
I came in waves that rocked me into paradise. The two men seemed to know exactly what I wanted and how to touch me. I dug my fingers into the younger’s beautiful, soft, brown hair as I came again and again around the older’s experienced tongue.
The more I rocked, the more the younger tantalized my tormented nipples. Another orgasm pulsed through me just from the pleasuring of my supple breasts.
I shook endlessly; grabbing deeper into the hair of younger yet shoving my hips forward toward the endless laps of the older’s evil tongue.
I collapsed onto the younger’s body underneath me.
The only sound in the air was the three of us all gasping for air. I caressed the younger’s head, feeling the sweat between our two bodies seep into each other.
I felt a gentle kiss on my forehead from the older then he did the same to the younger.
The exchange between the two men was a mutual exchange of trust and absolute loyalty.
The older pushed up the grey blind hold of the younger.
“When do we get to play again?” The younger asked, his hands still resting on my breasts.
The older laughed and lounged beside us on his side, “What do you say little lady?
Do we have a standing appointment?”
“Hell yes.” I gasped, feeling absolutely elated and exhausted.


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