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Everybody Was Wearing Sexy Masks - Author Jessica Lucas.

April 26, 2015 / Erotica for the Soul / Hits: 60430 / 7439 Comments
Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.45.53 PMVoice by Penelope Canyon
I can hear his voice in the next room.
The deep baritone of his words are echoing through the Walls.
The stranger I came across earlier in the day on a lonesome hike in the woods. He came Up to me seemingly out of nowhere and offered me his hand. The touch was electrifying; made even greater by the cold chill in the air against his warm flesh.
The invitation to join him and some friends for an evening was too great to pass on. I should have known it would not be just a casual dinner party, but something much greater.!   Upon my arrival everyone was wearing sexy masks. Men and woman were positioned around the living room in various states of undress.
I stood at the doorway uncertain what to do next, and then he took my hand. The heat from his body mingling again with my own.
My heart raced, my senses awakened, and before I knew it I was in one of the bedrooms, waiting for the stranger to join me.!   The mask I am wearing is made of silk, soft and smooth against my face. It covers nearly all of my face, and the feathers that stick out of the sides tickle my temples.
My blouse and pants have been hung in the closet, replaced by a teal green silk robe.   He is speaking again to someone in the next room. Music has begun to play. A resplendent classical piece with highs and lows that are only making the anticipation grow in me.
I yearn to be touched by the stranger, to be taken completely without any knowledge of who this man actually is or if I will ever see him again.   I recall his gorgeous blue eyes while I sit here in the dark.
The way his muscles bulged from beneath his shirt.   I have been left here to wait, and my desire grows with each passing moment.   The door handle is turning. I can hear footsteps coming up behind me from where I sit in an old wood chair.
Everybody Was Wearing Sexy Masks - RawrWoman.comHis hand is on my shoulder, rubbing me gently. I look up at the stranger, but it is not him. This man has skin the color of dark caramel; the stranger was far more fairer. He is also wearing a different mask than the stranger he is a new stranger, and I am excited and terrified all at   Both his hands are slowly kneading my shoulders.
He has not spoken, and I will not either. His touch is enough to convey the passion that will unfold.   Slowly his hands move down towards my breasts. He continues to massage me, sending my tension away into an abyss. As his hands move closer to my breasts I shutter by the sensation.  
Now they are on my nipples, teasing them with a slowness that sends chills throughout my body.   I am wet beneath my thighs already. The mere touch from this man has sent me into a cascade of desire.
He continues to play with my nipples. Pulling on each one as the nipple grows hard beneath his fingertips. His mouth is on my neck now. Suckling around the edges of my nerves, and moving upwards towards my ear lobe. A tiny nip on the earlobe and I have just groaned out load with pleasure.
His tongue is now making its way down my neck and along my shoulder blades. The warmth of his tongue against my skin gives me chills when the cold air reaches the last spot he touched.
My nipples have grown so hard they hurt. I grab the back of his head and direct his mouth towards my breasts. I want his mouth on me; I want him to suckle my breasts and give Me release.
He obliges me by gently rubbing his tongue against each nipple, one at a time, moving back and forth as to not leave one jealous. My back arches with each touch of his tongue.   But he has stopped. He is moving away from me and towards the door. I open my mouth to beg him to stay but no words escape.   The door closes behind him and I am left alone in the dark, again.
Seconds have turned into minutes and I am still alone. The music plays as my body heaves with   I have thought about leaving, but the temptation to have more pleasure keeps me in my chair. The door is opening again. I have stood up to face the stranger, to show him I am his for the It is a different man.  
I cannot help but wonder what is going on. Or consider why I am here again. But who can resist such a temptation as this to have multiple men in one evening.
This man is extremely tall, and slender like a long-distance runner. He is wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts and his long, lean legs could easily manage a great deal of exercise without giving out. His mask is black as night and made of velvet. His dark green eyes glow out from the color as long black curls surround his face.  
He is walking towards me like a lion stalking his prey. I want to sit back down but I hold firm, my knees shaking and heart racing so fast I may faint.   He has reached his hand out towards my face and has taken one of the feathers from my mask and is twirling it between his fingers.   Suddenly, I have been pushed down onto the bed. I fall into the down comforter and find comfort in the warmth.  
The new stranger is on top of me. His legs spread across me, pinning me down at the thighs.  
Everybody Was Wearing Sexy MasksHe smiles. A great big mischievous smile that makes his eyes twinkle in the darkness.
The feather in his hand is moving towards my thighs. I know what is coming.   He has flipped me over onto my stomach. I did not expect that to happen, or so easily. He simply lifted himself up on his knees a bit more and grabbed me by the waist. In one swift movement I was on my stomach, my robe inched up around my torso from the disorienting  
He is removing my black lace panties. I squirm and inch as sexily as possible to help him take them off. It proves difficult and suddenly I hear a rip.   I just saw out of the corner of my eye my panties fly through the air and land on the rocking chair across the room.   I am exposed.   He takes the feather and delicately runs it from the back of my knee up my inner thigh. I am squirming with delight, a ticklish sensation running through my body.   A slight giggle escapes my mouth as the feather reaches my buttocks, making small circles along the edges where it meets my thighs.
The feather continues up my back, teasing me with its soft silkiness.   His hand is now moving between my thighs. I can feel the rough callous on his palm against me.   He is moving his palm against me in small circles, applying pressure exactly where it should be.   My body is swelling to his touch, and I cannot control the wetness that is moving down my thighs and dripping onto the comforter.  
The feather is still being used against my skin like a toy. Now making its way up and down my side, along my rib cage. I can take no more of this teasing. I want release, I need release.   A moan escapes my lips once again. I beg him to take me, to grab my hips and lift me inside of  Him,  
Everybody Was Wearing Sexy MasksThe feather stops moving.   His hand has been removed. The torture of waiting is here again as he lifts himself off the bed and walks out of the room.
I am on the bed, face down, alive with energy, and ready to scream out in pleasure upon release when I hear the door creak open again.   I do not dare look to see who is in the room now. Another stranger it surely is as they all have been.   Is it the man from the woods? Or another hired hand come to tease me into oblivion.   Two cold hands grab hold of my waist and pull me to the edge of the bed.   This is it I think, it is time.
Hot breath can be felt against my back and his tongue is slowing making its way down my spine. His hands have not left my waist, holding me tight against his chest.   His tongue continues to dance along my back, edging slowly down until it is between my legs. One small flick of the tongue against my insides and I find my release.  
A great spasm erupts throughout my body and every nerve ending is on fire.   I continue to spasm, my legs jerking, my feet curling.
It’s not over. I am in the midst of ecstasy and I can feel his hardness against me. He enters me quickly, pushing as far back as my body will allow. One thrust, two thrusts, and then he stops. I scream out for more. Try to turn around so I can grab him, direct him back inside of me, get the motion going more swiftly as I continue to orgasm.  
He holds me by the waist still, and I cannot move. I am his toy, and I have no control. Slowly he begins to move inside of me again. This time with such patience it is torturous. My orgasm has ended and I can feel him loosen his grip on me. He must be leaving, as the others   But no, he is not. He pulls me up onto all fours. I arch my back in anticipation. I feel his arms wrap around my body, his hands grab hold of my breasts and grip them with strong force.  
His cock is so hard it is bulging inside of me. 
He whispers one line in my ear before he begins penetrating me to the inner depths of my body:
  “The night has only just begun”


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