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Finding My Tantric Bliss - Author Jessica Lucas

April 14, 2015 / Erotica for the Soul / Hits: 25712 / 17 Comments

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.45.53 PMVoice by Auberon Skye.

(Part One)

It had been a hard year, so I finally decided, “screw it”, and flew down to Costa Rica for a festival I’d heard of there.
The friend who’d recommended it late at a bar one night, told me that I’d find a new understanding of my inner consciousness as well as a deeper connection with my sexuality.
I wasn’t really one to think about flying to another country to hook up with a bunch of strangers, but I liked the idea of expanding my mind, and decompressing from the past few months, so I booked my flight.
The trip out there wasn’t the easiest, as after the flight was a bus ride for several hours, and a bit of a hike through a jungle path, but I felt better already being away from the office and in the peace of nature as I carried my small backpack and tent over the stones and between the trees.
Finding My Tantric Bliss - RawrWoman.comWhen I finally showed up at the Imagine Festival, not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised.
I paid the entrance fee to a nice-looking woman in beautiful beaded clothes she might have made herself, and walked around along the dirt road until I came to the driftwood arbor that served as an entrance.
As I looked around, I was amazed at the things I saw; in front of me was some type of multi-story structure built from a latticework of wooden planks, and hanging with what looked like stretchy hammocks.
Some of the hammocks had people in them, hanging upside down and looking out at the rest of the attendees. I saw a hand-painted sign that pointed me towards where I was supposed to put up my tent, and I walked over wooden boards through more jungle until I came to a clearing lined with tents out in the shade.
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.54.12 AM (1)I wanted a little more privacy than I would get being right next to everyone, so I headed straight for a big tree I saw in the middle of the clearing. As I finished setting my tent up, I saw out of the corner of my eye a man and a woman embracing. They looked so full of bliss, and it took me a minute to notice that they were almost naked, each wearing just a small loincloth and nothing from the waist up.
I blinked in surprise, but I couldn’t help looking more closely at the man’s tanned, muscular body and the woman’s beautiful stomach and breasts, out for the world to see. Hmm.
I came here for spirituality, I told myself, and tried to push the thoughts out of my head, but as I hazarded a final guilty look, I saw the woman smiling at me.
I felt a bit out of place, but her confidence and poise made me feel like it was totally normal for people to walk around half-naked, and I wanted to be more like them. Maybe later, I thought, as I smiled back then shyly went back to my things.
After a few minutes, I looked up again, and saw that they were still standing there, but they were a bit further along in their embrace.
The man had pulled his long blonde hair together behind his head, and was kissing gently at the woman’s neck. She was running her arms up and down his tanned, muscular back in the pleasure of having him kiss her. He moved back up and kissed her mouth, moving his hand up to squeeze her breast, her pink nipple still visible between his fingers as he squeezed. 
I saw her body relax as he touched her, and her hand moved down from his back to squeeze his butt. I felt a combination of anxiety and arousal. Public nudity was one thing, but seeing people touching each other like that in plain view… I wasn’t even doing anything, but I felt like I was going to get caught!
And me here watching them, it was just scandalous. People could walk up at any time. 
As if sensing my reaction, the woman opened up her eyes looking straight at me, her lover’s tongue still in her mouth as she smiled at me again. He turned to see what she was looking at, and saw me as well. He turned back to her, and after gazing into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, she turned back to me and extended a slender arm and beckoned with her finger for me to come closer.
I don’t know what came over me. I’m normally so careful and shy, but with my normal life behind me, in this surreal place, I felt myself walking towards them, my sandals crunching on the grass. I stood just a few feet in front of the two of them, both of them looking at me hungrily. I felt the heat in my underwear, not believing what was happening.
  “Hi, I’m…” I started, but he cut me off, putting his finger on my lips. I must have made quite a face, because the woman laughed and stepped gently behind me, her bare breasts brushing against my arm. 
I was looking at the man’s handsome features, his hair pulled back with a string, a mixture of tan and dirt coloring his masculine face. He took both my hands, gently, but firmly, and backed slowly towards the opening of their tent, built of white canvas and held up by a wooden pole. I felt her arms around my shoulders behind me, her left breast pressing against me through my tank top, her mouth close to my wear, whispering wordlessly as they led me inside. 
It was almost as if I had given up my rational mind as I followed them into the tent, bending down to fit under the canopy as I stepped onto soft mats spread like carpet, forming a soft and inviting floor. There were pillows thrown into some of the corners. I’d never seen a tent like this before. Weren’t they normally all hiking boots and sleeping bags? 
Finding My Tantric BlissAs I lowered to my knees to crawl inside, I heard the woman giggling from behind me, excitement clear in her voice. She ran her hands over me now, and as she did, I feasted my eyes on her partner’s beautiful body; his strong chest and a muscular stomach. I thought that they must be yoga gurus or acrobats or something wonderful – a far sight from the men I’m used to back home.
As I watched him, she crawled in behind me and lay next to him. As they lay next to each other, both mostly naked, she reached up and pulled my face down to hers, and kissed me. I yielded to her kiss – I hadn’t been with a woman since some drunken fumblings back in college, but I felt so free – something about this place, these people. 
I kissed her back eagerly, and pressed my tongue into her mouth as she put her hands on my lower back and pulled me firmly towards herself. As I was moving closer, she started pulling away, and turned to kiss her man. I watched their beautiful sun-kissed bodies moving against each other, and knew that I had to be a part of that. 
I crawled over until I was lying on top of the two of them, and as he looked up at me, I pushed myself onto him and kissed him. The light stubble on his face scratched me gently. He kissed me back hard, but tenderly, and feeling his masculinity so soon after kissing a woman sent my mind whirling.
As I kissed him I felt her moving out from under me and heard her moving around, then felt her pulling off my shorts. I reached down and unbuttoned them almost without thinking, and then ran my hands back up to him so I could run my fingers over his abs. As she pulled my shorts down I couldn’t help but moan with anticipation. I felt her kissing gently around my outer thigh, planting gentle kisses on my ass, then gently pulling my legs apart.
I rolled over onto my side, parting my legs slightly so that she could kiss my inner thigh. The feeling of being touched so intimately by someone I hadn’t even spoken to drove me wild. It felt so wrong, but with this much stimulus, I just didn’t care, and I moved my head down to his stomach to kiss at the hard ridges of muscle.
I noticed that there was something else hard nearby, and looked down at her for permission. I saw her smiling eyes looking up at me as she planted a wet kiss on my panties, and my back arced in pleasure. I just couldn’t help it any more so I reached out and put my hand on his tribal loincloth and felt him throb through it.
Now, I have to admit, this was probably the strangest piece of clothing I’d ever had to take off of a man, so I was happy when he pulled a string or something and suddenly it was off and his dick was standing at attention before me. I twitched as her tongue found a new way to lick me through my panties, and as I looked down at her again, she pulled them off of me and threw them into some corner.
Finding My Tantric BlissI was actually a bit impatient. I wanted her to lick my pussy, and I wanted to have his cock in my mouth as fast as possible, so before she was even back from throwing them in the corner, I moved forward and licked at the tip of his cock, which jumped with the feeling. It was standing up so straight that I didn’t even have to use my hands, instead crawling onto my hands and knees and lowering my mouth down onto it so that I could suck the head in past my lips.
He groaned at this pleasure, and I felt her moving around and licking at the wetness of my pussy.
As she feasted on me, I closed my eyes and pushed my head down farther, pulling as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I heard him moaning as I came back up, and I went down again, trying to go farther. There was just so much of it. I pushed harder until I felt it against the back of my throat, then pulled back out quickly as I coughed. I needed a break. At this point things were getting really good with her tongue, and she had a hand on each of my ass cheeks to hold herself in position. As if at some hidden signal, she pulled away and lay down on the mat, now fully naked with her legs spread.
She must have been rubbing her pussy while she ate mine, because she was just as wet. She lifted her knees and spread her legs, and I was about to move forward to taste her, but her man pulled a pillow from the corner and placed it under her ass, then kneeled over her, and finally pushed his cock inside. 
She gasped and writhed for a few seconds while I watched her pleasure, and she turned to me and finally spoke, saying, “come sit on my face”.
My eyes widened in surprise, but I dutifully moved over to kneel, facing her man, with my knees on either side of her head, and my pussy straddling her waiting mouth. She licked and kissed at my pussy while her man steadily thrust his cock in and out of her, her legs wrapped around him and her ass up on the pillow so that he could penetrate her deeply. In that position, I had no choice but to look him straight in the eyes as she feasted on me.
In those eyes I saw unfettered masculinity, and the combination of his woman pleasuring me and watching him pleasure her quickly sped me towards orgasm. Unable to control myself, I ground myself down onto her face as she licked me, and he grinned and thrust into her more deeply. As I pushed my pussy hard onto her tongue, I heard her moaning, too, at the pleasure of tasting me and her lover’s cock deep inside of her.
At the sound of her moaning, I went over the edge and came with her, almost screaming in enjoyment. After waves of pleasure moved through me, my body relaxed and I rolled off of her, my muscles melting into a pool of pleasure on the carpet of the warm tent.
After some number of seconds passed in bliss, she added, “You’re not done yet, honey,” in lightly accented English. They must be from Europe somewhere. 
I looked up and saw that he was kneeling there in front of my lazily parted knees, his cock raging hungry and triumphant. She had moved closer and now moved her arm under my neck, moving her lips down to kiss my breasts. She pulled my tank top up, and I delighted in the feel of my nipples exposed to the air and these two strangers.
I looked up dreamily through my hooded eyelids and saw him still waiting there, his hand moving slowly up and down his cock. I looked him in the eyes, gave him my best smoldering look and nodded to him. As his woman squeezed my breasts and sucked gently at my nipples, he pushed onto me and gently pressed his cock against my wet and inviting pussy. I closed my eyes in pleasure, then opened them again as I felt the head push inside of me, hard and hot.
The woman moved to lay next to me, stroking my body all over with her arms and kissing gently at my face and ear as she watched her man lay down on top of me and push his cock slowly into me, then just as slowly pull it back out. I was overcome by the feeling of this loving stranger inside of me, so hard and yet so gentle.
I turned to the beautiful woman and kissed her, thanking her with my lips for her generosity in sharing this man, pushing my tongue against hers and tasting my own pussy. As I kissed her, his thrusts continued into me, and I felt the inevitable orgasm building up inside of me which each new thrust, each new exploration of my womanhood with his cock.
Finally, as I bit gently at her lips, I felt the waves of pleasure begin again, my tongue in her mouth and his lips on my neck as his muscular body lay across me. The deepness of his thrusts sent me into orgasm. 
Finding My Tantric BlissWhen I finally opened my eyes again, they were rolling over each other on the carpet in lovers’ bliss, and since I’d had my share,
I felt it was time to leave them to enjoy each other, so I crawled out into the sunlight shining down through the jungle and walked back to my tent, my clothes in hand, my naked body proud for all to see.


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