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Interlude in a Hallway - Author Jessica Lucas

March 17, 2016 / Loaded, to be posted soon / Hits: 15599 / 7 Comments

Interlude in a hallway - Entitled Desires - RawrWoman.comNarrated by Auberon Skye.

As we staggered towards our hotel room, pulling our clothes back into place, the visions of what we had just done combined with how wet I still was made me want more, and we couldn’t have gotten to the door fast enough.
He started patting himself down for the keycard, looking through his bathing suit and the pockets of his robe.
“Do you have the key?” he asked, as I stood there squirming, dying to have these robes off and his body pressed against mine.
“Don’t worry, I’ll find it,” he said, taking me by the shoulders and pushing me back against our door.
He kissed my lips, running his fingers across my forehead, sweeping the wet hair plastered there to the side.
“Hmm…” he said, as he slid his hand down over my cheek, and down around the back of my neck, lightly squeezing the nape under my hair.
Interlude in a hallway“Not in here somewhere?” he asked, a feigned look of confusion on his face.
“No…” I said, giggling a bit as I played along with his game. He lowered his head then to kiss my neck, nibbling at it lightly as I squirmed against the tickling.
“No, I guess it’s not there…” he said, kissing his way down from my throat to follow my collarbone to my chest.
“Hmm…” he said, pulling my robe looser as he searched with his mouth along my skin, getting closer and closer to my breasts.
“Maybe it’s in my bikini…” I said, impatient to have him touch my tits.
“Oh, in here?” he replied, his hand running from my robe down along the outside of my bikini, licking at my cleavage as he squeezed it up out from behind the cloth.
“Yeah, in there, babe” I muttered as he slipped his tongue down between the cloth and my flesh, and licked playfully at my breast.
Through hooded eyelids, I looked down the hallway for intruders as he pulled the bikini top down and sucked my nipple into his mouth. I loved it when he sucked my tits, and I knew how much it turned him on, too.
After a few sucks on my nipple and delicious swirls around my areola with his tongue, he kissed his way across my cleavage to kiss at my left breast, as his hands slid down my sides, further opening the robe.
I looked back and forth down the two sides of the hall, my breasts now hanging out for anyone to see.
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.53.34 PMHe gave the left breast the same attention as the right, and I felt myself warming again beneath my bikini bottom. Leaving my nipples to cool and harden in the hotel air conditioning, he moved his face slowly down my sides, tenderly playing his lips along my body. As he reached my waist, he kissed his way across the stomach I had worked so hard for at the gym, and rubbed his face against my belly as he ran his teeth along the edge of my suit.
He bit down on the cloth and started pulling it away, saying through his teeth something like “Maybe you hid it in here somewhere”, when I heard the elevator ding again, and footsteps break the silence of the hallway.
Fighting not to squeal in urgency, I threw my robe closed. As I did, he stood up, pulled the keycard out of the pocket where he’d hidden it the whole time, and slid it expertly into the door, granting us access to the privacy of our room.
He had barely gotten the door shut when I had his bathing suit around his knees again and my hand on his cock. Unable to toy with him anymore after so much fun, I put his hot cock deep into my mouth, luxuriating in its hardness and the gasps that came from above.
My lips curled carefully over my teeth, I swirled my tongue around the head, then licked just beneath it. I could feel myself getting wetter still, the excitement of our covert escape to the privacy of our room driving me wild. I reached my hand up his inner thigh and cradled his balls, smiling as I rolled them between my fingers.
I looked up at him and grinned as his eyes met mine.
“Take those clothes off,” he barked, pulling me up by my shoulders.
I started peeling the robe off of myself, but I guess that wasn’t quite fast enough for his taste, because he walked behind me, and placing one arm on my back and another behind my knees, swept me off my feet and carried me to the bed.
Once on the bed, he began smothering me in kisses, from my neck, to my breasts, to my stomach, to press his lips against my pussy through the skimpy bikini I still wore. He kissed down my thighs as he undid the string holding it on, and lifted my leg, nibbling my calf as I tore the bikini off of myself.
He moved back up and began loving me with his lips and tongue, lapping up the wetness from our clandestine adventures as I moaned. It felt great, but I had already waited the whole trip up here, and couldn’t take it anymore.
“Give me your cock right now!” I yelled down to him, and he obeyed with alacrity, pulling himself up the bed to lie on top of me and push his hard cock between my welcoming lips.
I was so wet that he pushed himself inside, but pulled back out after just an inch or two, teasing me. I squealed in anticipation and ran my hands down to his butt, clawing at the muscles there, pushing my pelvis up against his.
Finally he pushed himself slowly deep into me, and I rolled my eyes as I felt myself fill with him. I heard him gasping next to my ear at the tight wetness of my pussy, and I squeezed hard against him, daring him to pull away. Finally, he pulled his cock out a bit, but I wrapped my legs around him and pulled myself right back onto him.
Confident that he had surrendered and the teasing was done, I opened myself to him as he thrust himself into me again and again, pushing deeper each time until it felt like we’d never been so close before.
I lost all sense of time as I gave myself over to the shared rapture with the man I love and felt the waves of orgasm emanate from where his cock entered me throughout my body, the muscles in my thighs and calves and toes and stomach and arms letting go, the waves of pleasure caressing my breasts as they flowed up over my throat and face and down my arms through my fingertips.
Interlude in a hallwayWhen I returned to the real world, he was still there with me, his cock still inside me but moving slowly as I recovered and opened my eyes. I murmured something unintelligible as he kissed my neck and gently pulled at my lips with his own. He smiled as I groaned some more, then he put his arms under my back and rolled me over on top of him.
Still groggy with pleasure, I just lay there for a moment as he laughed and took the opportunity to squeeze and grope my body.
I moved one knee forward, and then the other, and straddled him with his cock inside of me. The robe still hung loosely from my shoulders, and he parted it so that my breasts could poke out through the terrycloth.
I could see how much the sight of my tits excited him, and I ground my pussy down against him as he ran his hands up my body to cradle my breasts. I pushed myself up and down, his cock going in and out of my pussy as he squeezed my tits, staring at them in some kind of wonder. I leaned back a bit, arching my back so that he could only look at them, framed by the robe and the wet tendrils of my hair that fell on them.
It turned me on to see him in so much pleasure at the sight of my body, and I worked my thighs, pulling myself up and down over his cock, pressing his body down into the bed with each thrust.
I felt myself nearing orgasm again, and ran one of my hands down to my pussy to massage my clit as I moved up and down.
He must have liked that, because I heard a scream start to come out of him that I joined with my own, our orgasms harmonizing and echoing off the walls of the hotel room as I felt his body spasm and his cum shoot up inside of me.
Exhausted, I collapsed onto him and lay there, both of us unable to speak, and unwilling to break the sublime silence we had lost ourselves in.



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