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Finding My Tantric Bliss – Part 2 - Author Jessica Lucas

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RawrWoman.comNarrated By Auberon Skye.
After a luxurious pleasure-fueled nap in the early afternoon warmth of the jungle, I felt the day was beginning to cool as I stretched in my tent.
I yawned and started pulling some clothes on, a pair of shorts and a tank top.
I poked my head out the flap of my tent.
My lovers from earlier in the day were nowhere to be seen. I stepped out into the clearing and walked past the tents into the festival proper. I could hear the sounds of a band playing some kind of rhythmic jam session, and as I walked out of a cluster of trees I saw people dancing and swaying to the beat.
It was just about sunset, and I decided that I wanted to get a good view of it, so I climbed up to the top of the tower, pushing myself up over spars until I was about 25 feet up, just high enough to see over the foliage.
The tower was at the center of the festival, so I could see all around – there were three stages, with people dancing at all of them. I alternated between watching the sun and looking down at the last glimpses of the bodies gyrating wildly to the music.
Finding My Tantric Bliss - Part 2 - RawrWoman.comI didn’t know if it was the nature of Tantra festivals, but there were a lot of really hot looking people here their bodies toned and limber, their clothes exotic and revealing.
As the sunset, I climbed down, and I was amazed at how quickly it had gotten dark. There were lights on the stages, and a bonfire here and there in the clearings, but that was the only source of light.
I walked out and joined the crowd by one of the stages, and found a spot among the scantily clad dancers. I felt a bit overdressed in my tank top and shorts, as bikini tops and board shorts were about the most clothing anyone had on. I closed my eyes, though, and just lost myself in the music for a while. When I opened them again, I saw that suddenly there was even less clothing than I had seen before – women had shed their tops and men had somehow stripped down to even less than board shorts.
In the dim but warm light, everyone looked beautiful. Their bodies were accented by the shadows with the beads and feathers in their hair making them look almost magical.
I kept dancing for what could have been minutes, could have been hours, as I lost myself in the beauty of the moment, and how different this place was from my life back home. I might as well have been on another planet.
As I danced, I fell into a sort of reverie as I felt energy moving through my body, relaxing my muscles, releasing the tension I had held there, and I realized – this music was really turning me on!
I looked around, smiling, and saw that it must have had the same effect on people around me, because they were getting a lot closer and starting to embrace each other – strangers kissing strangers, hands moving freely from one nearly-naked body to another. Back home it would have been shocking, but here, in this place, it felt only natural, I grinned as I reached out and touched the muscular chest of a man in front of me who had decorated himself in some kind of tribal body paint.
Finding My Tantric Bliss - Part 2 - RawrWoman.comI felt the hardness of his muscle and the masculine hair on his chest, and he turned and looked at me, smiling. People around us were all doing it, so I kept going, and put my other hand on his shoulder, feeling the muscles there.
Finally, I pulled him towards me, and we felt our bodies against each other as we danced in the firelight. Before long, I leaned forward and kissed him, my lips pressing to find his through his light traveler’s beard. Even as I kissed him, though, my hands moved on, groping blindly behind him and finding flesh again, this time a female frame, luscious in her womanliness. I caressed her and as he and I danced I kept reaching out to touch more, until finally, many people were around me, touching me as I had touched them.
We danced together and I pulled away from the bearded man and became part of the group, caressing and squeezing anonymously in the near dark, not knowing who we were touching or where, but loving every minute of it.
It was about at this point that I decided my tank top was superfluous, and I flung it off, over the crowd, allowing my breasts to hang free and be touched and adored by the strangers. In response I heard cheers as several other items of clothing flew over our heads and the crowd became more and more nude.
I felt waves of pleasure and relaxation washing over me as I let myself go, let my consciousness slip from that of a single person to a co-consciousness with the crowd. Together we touched and rubbed and loved until I found myself, with many others, inside one of the tents, the floor soft with padding and yoga mats.
I yielded and let myself relax onto the floor as hands and arms and mouths loved my body, and I loved them back.
Deliciously I kissed and caressed man and woman, pulling flesh and body to myself. I found the bearded man again in the puddle of sexual human bodies and saw that he was now fully nude but for a few necklaces and adornments. From the floor I pulled at him, and as he knelt among the crowd I crawled towards him and pulled his cock into my mouth, where I sucked it with relish. It had been hours since the last time I had sucked a cock, and in my new awakening, I felt that this was an awful long time. I forgot about the conservative, stifled woman I was back home, and ravenously licked and sucked as the new sexual being I was discovering.
With so many distractions, after I had sucked him off for a few minutes, I turned and kissed at the legs of a woman, then a man, then a woman.
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.47.48 AMWe were all one sexual being, and I found myself pulling one of the women to the floor to kiss her. Not wanting to leave the bearded man out, I turned and pulled him by the wrist, and pulled my panties down, having lost my shorts some time before. As I knelt on hands and knees over this woman, kissing her body, gently nibbling at her lips, I felt him bring his hips up behind me and as I kissed her lips, I reached between my legs and guided his manhood into me, where it fit like something that had always been apart of me, but had been lost and missed.
As he pushed his cock into me, I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and as he pushed deeper, so did I. I squeezed at her breasts as I gasped at the pleasure and reared my head back, and saw another cock near me, belonging to a man kissing another woman nearby. This cock I hungrily pulled into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head as his groans of gratitude sounded from above.
The woman I had been kissing sat up and ran her hands through my hair as I sucked this stranger’s cock, and I pushed my hips back, grinding my ass against the bearded man who still thrust in and out of me from behind.
I felt like a transcendental sex goddess as I felt the two cocks inside of me, and felt hands on me from all sides, glorifying my body.
As I closed my eyes, there were hands on my breasts, on my shoulders, on the small of my back. Feminine fingers ran through my hair, and the cock I sucked mirrored the one sliding in and out of my wet pussy.
I heard others moaning around me, and knew that I had found a place of acceptance and love.
As I rocked back and forth from one cock to another, the multitudes of hands caressing me, I felt myself reaching orgasm, my body bucking as the throes of ecstasy overtook me.
It was loud with the music and moans of pleasure all around, but my screams of ecstasy rang through the crowd. When I screamed, the crowd cheered, and there was laughter all around. Shortly after, I heard other screams of sexual triumph, both men’s voices and women’s.
I felt the waves of pleasure and arousal move through the crowd – as one group in the circle began to reach a climax, their pleasure aroused those nearby, and before long they were moaning again, too.Finding My Tantric Bliss - Part 2 -
I don’t know how many hours I spent, and I lost track of how many cocks I stroked, how many nipples I sucked, and how many mouths and hands gave had given me pleasure all over my body.
What I do know is I’ll never be the same shy person I was back home.


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