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Finding My Tantric Bliss 3 - Author Jessica Lucas

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Finding My Tantric Bliss Part 3 - Entitled Desires - RawrWoman.comNarrated by Auberon Skye.
I woke up the next morning in my tent.
Actually, though I had slept like the dead, it was probably more like afternoon, but who knows when the intoxication of lovemaking finally wore off and I drifted to sleep?
I decided today that it was time for me to go out and explore some of the classes. I looked at the schedule, written in black charcoal on a large wooden board that was probably reclaimed from some old store in order to minimize the festival’s carbon footprint. Hmm.
There was yoga most of the day, and the next class was coming up soon. After that was something about connecting with your inner warrior, and something called “Tantric Discovery.”
I knew which of those I would be attending, I thought, feeling involuntary warmth from between my legs.
First things first, though, and I headed over to the bamboo shower stalls. There I stripped naked and hung my bikini on little pegs in the bamboo wall, then stepped into one of the stalls and turned on the water.
Finding My Tantric bliss 3 - RawrWoman.comWater flowed down from a cut bamboo pipe and I wondered at how they had built all of this just for one festival, and it would return to the jungle after they were done.
Then, as I rubbed my body down with soap, I thought of the delights of last night’s explorations, and closed my eyes as I remembered the feeling of so many hands on me.
After my shower, I headed to yoga and stretched my body, finding new flexibility from a deep relaxation unlike anything I felt back home.
I left the class feeling centered and free of stress, and padded my way into the Tantric Discovery class across the grass where I had danced with so many strangers the night before.
There were a few minutes left in the class, and with my new liberation, I turned to the man next to me and smiled. He laughed and smiled back at me.
“So what are you here for?” he said.
“I think I’m going to find out,” I replied. He calmly held my gaze, and I felt some kind of connection between us, though we’d never met.
He was handsome, and fit, with a light tan and short-cropped brown hair. He smelled vaguely of sandalwood. All these natural fragrances were new to me and very exotic, much more palatable than subway sweat and Aqua di Gio.
The instructor walked to his place on a pile of mats, and sat down, his legs folded into lotus pose.
“Tantric” he said, smiling radiantly and honestly, his teeth shining like an invitation. I would have expected more of a snicker and a leer.
“Today we are here to explore our inner sexuality, and to explore how to share that inner self with another,” he said.
We started with some breathing techniques to help bring ourselves to total relaxation. The instructor then talked about the origin of tantric for a while, and common misconceptions.
Next, he said, “please turn to your partner, or, find someone in the group you’re comfortable sharing with.”
Sudden panic shot into me as I realized that around me were mostly couples, and I had to find someone to join with before all the good guys were gone. I turned to look, though, and saw that the man I’d spoken with earlier was already smiling at me.
I nodded at him.
“Turn and face your partner,” the instructor said. I did.
“John,” the man said. I told him my name, almost stuttering it out. He was so confident and composed. I breathed in deeply to calm myself again – if I was going to be in a tantric class, I didn’t want to be too nervous to enjoy it. John and I sat in lotus pose across from each other. I was comfortable, and I assumed he was, too, because his posture was incredible. There was something different about the guys here; their bodies just seemed to be totally at ease while also completely strong. And with those muscles, I knew he had to be strong.
“Now,” the instructor continued, “Look into your partner’s eyes, look deeply into their eyes, and as you do, breathe slowly in and out.” We did.
“Now, as you look into each other’s eyes, relax and match your breath to your partners, so that as your partner breathes out, you breathe in. You will feel the energy passing back and forth between you.” As I stared into his eyes, I breathed in, and I felt deep relaxation but also vulnerability, as I could not look away from his eyes and felt that he could see deeply into me.
Then I felt a sense of defiance – he could see into me, but I had nothing to hide. I opened myself to him, and looked deeply into his eyes, and there I saw love and beauty. We continued passing the energy back and forth between us, and before I noticed it, the room had faded away – there was nothing left but my lover’s eyes and body, and the energy we shared between us.
Finally, a shapeless form came into view and touched us on the shoulder.
“The class is over,” said a voice, “we didn’t want to disturb you, but someone else needs this space.”
We blinked and looked at him – it was the class’ instructor, but everyone else had left. Wordlessly, we walked hand-in-hand back to my lover’s tent, and crawled inside.
Finding My Tantric Bliss 3With the connection we now had, we didn’t have to say anything, and lay down beside each other. He moved his hand behind my neck and gently pulled me towards him as he moved his mouth onto mine. There, in complete relaxation, we embraced and he kissed my lips. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, and he turned his head so that we could kiss more deeply.
I pulled his shirt from him and marveled at the beautiful body that was now mine for the purpose of pleasure. He bared my breasts and pulled them against his chest. Feeling myself pressed against his hard body and feeling the deep connection with him, I plunged into a deep state of arousal, and pulled his body closer against mine.
Our legs intertwined as I kissed at his neck, I felt his hardness grow against my thigh.
I moved my hands up and down his body, feeling his pleasure as my own as my soft fingertips strokes at his arms and back and chest. I felt his strong hand cradling my neck as I kissed him. I suddenly felt the need to be closer to him, and, as if reading my thoughts, he moved his hand down between my shoulder blades to pull me towards him and press my breasts harder against his chest. I moved my hand down to his butt, and pulled him closer to me there, and felt him throb through his pants as his cock was pressed against me.
I felt a strong need to give him pleasure, to share in the deliciousness of it with him, and I reached my hand down to stroke his cock through his pants. He groaned at the feeling of my hand on him. I smiled against his lips as he did, and we opened our eyes to look into each other’s.
Slowly, I began kissing my way down his body as I continued moving my hand up and down his cock through his shorts. As I sat up to move down his body, he pulled my hips up towards his face, and together we pulled off each other’s shorts and underwear.
His cock stared me in the face briefly and I enjoyed his anticipation, but when I felt his lips on my pussy, I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled the head of his cock into my mouth. As I felt his tongue pleasure me, I used my own tongue to lick the tip of his cock, and through our connection it felt more like I was licking myself.
I continued moving my hand up and down his cock while I sucked on the head, and I lost myself in the pleasure of his tongue licking at my clit and moving down over my pussy in slow circles.
I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and, his cock deep in my mouth; I was on the verge of coming when he pulled his face away
“No, don’t stop!” I almost shrieked.
He sat up and, smiling, said “Tantric is about riding the waves of pleasure, not crashing against the shore.” I have to admit, I was feeling a little cheated, my loins screaming out for contact, but he sat in front of me and helped me lower myself down onto his lap, my legs on either side of him, and his cock resting tantalizingly against my pussy.
Every part of me wanted his cock deep into me so I could come right away, but he wouldn’t let me, instead forcing me to content myself with the hard contact against him and the feeling of his kisses on my breasts. After excruciatingly long seconds, I felt myself calming down a bit. He must have felt it, too, because he placed his hands on my ass and lifted me onto his cock.
Feeling it enter me for the first time nearly shot me back over the edge to orgasm, but together we breathed in and out, and I calmed down.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked, but he only smiled and pulled my hips forward, pushing his cock deeper into me.
Resting on his shoulders as I focused on the pleasure, I rocked myself back and forth over his cock, luxuriating in its hardness inside of me.
He was right, I realized, gasping, this pleasure was worth the wait. By pushing my orgasm until later, it was like I had awakened my sexuality and spread it through my whole body – every touch of him, even my own hair brushing against my shoulders and down over my breasts titillated me – it was like the whole world had come alive, and my body with it.
His cock drove the pleasure into me, but from there it flowed all through my body. I ground myself harder against him, pushing his cock deep into me. He gasped as I moved my hips just right, and laughing, I did it again, his eyes closing.
“Ha! Let’s see how you like it!” I said, reveling as I repeated the motion again and again, bringing him almost all the way to orgasm, then stopping with his cock just inside of me.
“Ahh ahhhh ahhh” he murmured as he desperately tried to keep his composure. After I could feel him relax again, I felt him shiver in pleasure.
Finding My Tantric Bliss 3We had both reached a state of incredible arousal. Staring into his eyes, I took a long, deep breath, and moved onto him, taking his cock deep inside of me once again.
He looked back, and with our eyes bared like they were in the ceremony that brought us together, I felt the connection moving through our eyes and down through our separate bodies.
We began cycling our breath again unconsciously as I rocked back and forth on his cock, his hands on my body and mine over his shoulders. As we breathed, I felt the pleasure flow into me in his breath, move down through my body, and down through me into his cock inside of me. I felt it move through his body as if it were my own, and then, as I breathed out, it cycled back down through him and into me, in waves of uncontrollable pleasure.
Neither of us had come, but we’d found an even greater pleasure, both physical and spiritual.
“I’m just a beginner,” I said to him, “I can’t take this just yet,” I said. He nodded at me, and he gently lay me down so that he was on top of me.
Still looking into his eyes, he pushed into me, pulling one of my legs back so that he could get deeper inside of me. I opened to him with my body and mind and shivered in the pleasure he gave me – deeper and deeper. At the same time, we began moaning.
After so much build-up and restraint, the sound of his moaning and the vision of pleasure in his eyes was enough to push me over the edge, and my moans got louder and louder. It must have turned him on, because before long we were both screaming, and I felt the flood of orgasm shooting through my body, more powerful than I could remember feeling before.
Still looking into my eyes, he finally collapsed next to me, and we lay there, looking through the open tent flap at the clouds and sky above.



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