• Voice by W. Nilly
    I’ve been described as a player for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I don’t respect women. I love women.
    When I was a kid, I’d check out my mother’s friends. Sometimes, they’d br […]

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    Voice Auberon Skye.
    His eyes were marked with black specks against a celadon sphere. He held her gaze until she could see her reflection in them; disappearing into what seemed a rising coil.
    She didn’t mean t […]

  • Narrated By Auberon Skye

    When we booked this vacation in Aspen, we thought we’d get a solid day skiing in every day.
    But on day two, as soon as we came back from the morning runs, a storm started to blow o […]

  • Narrated by Auberon Skye.
    We made it!
    There is an old saying about relationships: “Until you’ve traveled together, you have no idea if your compatible.” or something to that effect.
    Well, after three month […]

  • (Part One)
    Voice by W. Nilly.
    I’ve always loved women. I must have been about five years old when I noticed my kindergarten teacher’s legs. Miss Blaine had these long, sexy legs encased in silky stockings. I sti […]

  • Voice by Auberon Skye.

    “You ready?” I ask, as she stumbles out of her apartment.
    “Hold the fuck on! I’m coming.”
    “No, correction, you will be coming,” I say, as I pull my sunglasses down and turn the radi […]

  • Voice by Auberon Skye.
    The sky is absolutely amazing tonight; with stars shining so bright they illuminate me, as I lay here alone on my blanket.
    The desert has cooled; saying goodbye to the scorching heat of […]

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  • Voice by Auberon Skye.

    I agreed to attend the annual catch-up dinner given by two close friends of mine out of Obligation.
    Things change when you become the last of your group of friends who is single.
    The […]

  • Voice Auberon Skye.
    I tapped my newly painted grey nails against the ebony arched walkway.
    Grey had always been my favorite color, promising uncertainty with a slight hint of gentile femininity.
    Men found the […]

  • Voice Auberon Skye
    It’s about 11:30 pm, the night of Mason and I’s little sexcapade.
    After storming out of Masons earlier today it occurs to me that I must go back. I must face my consequences for my fucked up […]

  • Narrated by W. Nilly.
    It was a Tuesday morning inside the high-rise office building I was about to consult in. 
    I stood at the front of the conference room, next to the large manager of the sales firm, […]

  • A Tryst-ed Trilogy
    Voice by Auberon Skye.
    I’m running late.
    I hate when I fucking run late.
    I’m sure all the guys are waiting outside of the studio, curious as to my whereabouts.
    It is absolutely gor […]

  • Voice Auberon Skye.

    The night has finally arrived, and we are on our first date. I’m not exactly sure you can call it a first date after what happened when we met two weeks ago at a friend’s party.
    We had […]

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  • Voice Auberon Skye.
    This Story Is Designed for Couples!
    Make a “Personalized Sexy Love Letter” for Your Man. Record our “Erotic Short Story,” using either your Smart Phone or Computer and Make it Your Own! […]

  • Make a Personalized Sexy Love Letter for Your Partner.  
    Record our “Erotic Short Story,” using either your Smart Phone or Computer and Make it Your Own! 
    Email  or text it to your Sweetheart. 
    She will App […]