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Yoga Lust 3 - Author Laney Oden

January 12, 2015 / Loaded, to be posted soon / Hits: 26022 / 12 Comments
Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.45.53 PMVoice Auberon Skye
It’s about 11:30 pm, the night of Mason and I’s little sexcapade.
After storming out of Masons earlier today it occurs to me that I must go back. I must face my consequences for my fucked up actions.
My mind has been going crazy the past few hours thinking about what Mason told his wife.
Maybe she doesn’t know that I dashed out at the sound of her car in the garage. If she is aware then I don’t know how Mason would possibly pull that one off?
Yoga Lust 3 - RawrWoman.comI have always been pretty good at keeping my composure in situations like these, and this is definitely not my first rodeo but for some reason I am nervous.
I make my way back up the walk of shame that I already ran earlier. I knock; my heart is like the Daytona 500. When she answers I try to keep calm as my voice cracks,
“Hey, sorry I had to run earlier. I got a call from my boyfriend so I didn’t want to be rude.
May I come in?” She actually seems quite pleasant,
“Oh, of course, Mason is just in the other room if you’d like to go in there too.”
I walk into the entryway through the hall and I look to my right where the living room is and Mason was tied up in the chair.
My jaw drops as I turn back toward the door. “What’s the matter Ella? Is there a problem?” She knew exactly what was in the room. I wonder how long he’s been there.
I left like 6 hours ago. I looked down to see the whip she had in her hand. “You see I usually don’t get worked up about things, but when I waltz back into my house from a quick on-call run and you, my guest, seem to have left immediately, something was off.
Yoga Lust 3 - RawrWoman.comYou see… I am trying to piece this little puzzle together. Was there anything that you wanted to tell me?”
“I don’t have anything to say. I just told you what happened. What do you assume is going on here?” My voice in panicky and I am fucking nervous.
She is walking towards me, my legs are trembling and my heart is about to explode. “Oh, honey, the innocent card. It’s not what I am assuming dear; it’s what I know. Would you mind taking a seat?” I look over at Mason and he winks at me.
She sees him wink at me and she hits him with the whip. She comes up to me once again and caresses my face gently. I have been with plenty of girls before to know that I am not getting punished, Mason is; and if she punishes me in any way, it’s going to be in her pleasure.
She wants my body and the satisfaction of knowing she has control. This is some sort of fantasy she has. I debate in my head whether to play along or make a straight shot for the door. Fuck it.
I stand up and look at her in the eyes. “Did you want me to tell you that I fucked your husband? Because I did and I am pretty sure that he loved every fucking moment of it, but not to worry, because I can fuck you just as good if not better.”
She is staring at me. I put my hands up to her face and I pull her mouth to mine. I feel Masons’ attention, hoping he’s not upset at my honesty. She loves this shit.
Yoga Lust 3 - RawrWoman.comWe kiss passionately for a while and then I take off her top. Wow, a lot better than I anticipated, she’s got a fucking body on her.
I push her down on the couch as Mason squirms in his chair. I get on my knees and take her nipples in my mouth. I lick and suck, she moans. Her body is soft as silk. I kiss her stomach gently and as I reach her waistline, I stop. I stand up again and she looks confused.
I take off my shirt and walk over to Mason, I untie him and start kissing his mouth. This is too fucking hot! She is touching herself on the couch as I return and get back down to her level.
I put my fingers in her as she moans, I lick her pussy as I rub her clit just as Mason enters me from behind, I yelp with pleasure. He rocks my body as I suck his wife’s perfect little twat. I scream as he touches my insides, he feels amazing and I want him to keep going.
“Faster, baby faster!!” His wife grabs my boobs and sucks them intimately. “You taste so good.” She exclaims.
My head is bent back as Mason kisses me. I know in my heart of hearts I shouldn’t enjoy his kiss and that this is all about fun, but I can’t stop. The rush of them both is exhilarating.
I move my head back down and then I kiss his wife. I then lie on my back and I take his familiar cock in my mouth as she kisses my body; her lips are soft and her kiss is electrifying.
She has made her way to my pussy. My softness meets her mouth as I squirm. She feels so good and I am about to burst. I take Mason into my hand and I scream with pleasure. I take my other hand and I have ahold of her head. My god this is hot. I twist and I turn and just as I am about to come Mason enters again.
My juices flood his dick like Niagara Falls and I moan as he continues to thrust. His wife is still hot while we kiss and I finger her tiny little puss. She screams my name as I make her come. She squirts on my hand as I finish her off. She collapses to the floor in pleasure.
RawrWoman.comMason is on the couch now rubbing his hard dick. I slowly lift myself from the ground and start kissing him; intimately, full, and hard.
I take his dick from his hand I straddle his body. I put him inside as I slowly make my way down and then up, not too fast and not too slow.
This here is perfection. He bites my neck as I moan his name; I love fucking him more than anything right now. I want this to continue on and on all night.
I kiss him again on the mouth as I reach my climax. I ride a little longer as my body trembles. Shaking in fulfillment. I come as he does the same. I fall into him as our sex comes to an end.
We sit here for a minute and I try to keep my eyes open. We both fall asleep while he is still inside of me.
I wake up a little after 3am. Mason is still beneath me as I turn and see his wife still crashed out on the floor.
I need to go. “Mason,” I whisper, he struggles to wake up but when he does he pulls me closer and starts kissing me. I know not to kiss back as I feel his erection start to grow.
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.57.53 PM - Version 2I think to myself, ‘what’s another round?’ We kiss and fuck ones more time. I feel all the ways a satisfied woman should feel.
After we finish I find my clothes and get dressed. Mason walks me to the front door. I want to try and make casual conversation or tell him that I will see him soon in class.
The words just won’t come. He pulls me in as I turn around and say goodbye. He kisses me and whispers, “I love you” in my ear.
I am shocked and my body tenses up as I turn and walk away.

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