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The Return of The Lusty Wife - Author Laney Oden

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Voice by Auberon Skye.
“You ready?” I ask, as she stumbles out of her apartment.
“Hold the fuck on! I’m coming.”
“No, correction, you will be coming,” I say, as I pull my sunglasses down and turn the radio up.
We’re off to San Francisco for the night. Ella has a yoga meeting in the morning, so I told Mason that she needed someone to go with her. Truth is, we’ve been seeing each other since the night at my house when I found out she was screwing my husband.
She still fucks him. I know she does. There are nights when he comes home and he doesn’t kiss me goodnight.
Mason doesn’t know about us and I’m not supposed to know about them, but I do. I know that Ell will most likely be the reason we get a divorce hell, she might be the reason we stay together. I do miss his touch at times but I think that I am falling in love with her.
The Return of The Lusty Wife - - Part 4She climbs in my Jeep; she’s got on a pair high-waisted shorts and a white tank riding just above her perfect little midriff. No bra, just the way I like it.
I look over at her as she settles in.
  “Damn, Miss “I’ll-be-ready-in-twenty” and it’s now two hours later! You’re lucky that I approve of that outfit, because you’d be in trouble.” I lean over and kiss her as we head off.
Driving up the 405 freeway, listening to a mixed C.D. I look over at her. I contemplate sticking my hand up those cut offs of hers, but that would get me all riled up and we’ve got a long drive ahead of us.Once we hit the I-5, we are famished. We exit and go to the nearest burger joint off the exit.
  “Oh, this is going to be the best guilty pleasure!” says Ella, as if she’s never had a double-double in her life.
  “You’re too fucking cute!” I say as if I’ve never seen a beautiful girl before.
She leans over and licks my ear and runs her fingers up my leg.
  “Should we hit up the bathroom while we are here?” she asks.
  “Does a bear shit in the woods?” is my response. We both laugh.
I pull into the lot and we run inside, laughing like little schoolgirls, as if we are about to go hit on some boys.
We sprint into the bathroom, lock the handicapped stall behind us, and I throw her up against the wall. I kiss her lips. The taste of her blueberry Chapstick is all over my lips. I stick my hand in her pants. She is wetter than a mermaids’ pussy in the deep Pacific. “I fucking want you so bad,” she says, as she pushes my hand deeper into her making her scream for more.
All of a sudden, the door opens up. I put my hand over her mouth and continue finger fucking the shit out of her. I drop in a squat-like seated position, my hand still on her mouth as I plant my face right inside that gushing honey pot. She can’t scream when I have my hand on her mouth. She is squirming like nobody’s business. When we can’t hear anything, I remove my hand.
  “Oh… My… Holy…Fuck!” she screams, as my hand gets drenched with her delicate juices. She tastes so good in my mouth. I suck it all up and look up at her.
We smile and I stand up to kiss her again.
  “You’re fucking crazy,” she says.
  “I love you,” I mutter as I quickly follow it up with, “we have to go Ell. I’ll go order us food. See you at the car.”
I know that we are having this ultimate love fuck triangle thing going on and I couldn’t be any more happier, but I get sad because I know that it can’t last forever and that really leaves a burden on my heart. Sometimes I appear to be tougher than I am, but she can’t see past that.
As she comes back to the Jeep she yells, “You are so fucking amazing!”
I smile at her. “Stop that,” I say, as she leans over and kisses me.
  “I can’t stop, you know I can’t and why would you want me to?”
I shake my head and don’t respond. I hand her the food as we pull out of the parking lot.
  “Alright let’s get this show on the road.”
We get to San Francisco about seven in the evening. The sun was just setting as we get to the hotel. The Hilton is phenomenal. Ell wanted a view of the Bridge so the princess gets what she asks for.
  “Do you just want to run in and grab the keys and I will follow with some of the stuff?” I ask her. One, because I have a bag full of goodies I don’t want her to see yet and two, I have to call Mason and check in.
  “That’s fine baby. Just hurry, we can play and then we can go explore. What do you say?”
  “Sounds great. I’ll be right in.” I say, and it does, it sounds like paradise.
I reach for my phone, three missed calls from Mason. I swipe to the right and call him back.
  “Hey honey, can I talk to Ella real quick?”
  “Why? She’s not around right now. You don’t want to talk to me, your wife?” “Of course I do baby. I just had to ask her a question.
How was the drive? Did you make it?” He asks.
  “Oh, hey Mase, Ella is calling me over. Have to go!” I hang up. He calls right back. I ignore it and the next three calls. Suppose that will show him.
I walk towards the motel as Ella flies at me. She grabs my free hand and says, “Babe, hurry, you’ve got to see this fucking view and our fucking balcony is so sick!”
We take the elevator. She has me pinned up against the mirrored walls biting my neck. She whispers in my ear, “I want you so bad on that balcony that I cant fucking stand it.” We get to our floor and rush to the room. I literally rip her clothes off and pick her up and carry her out on the balcony. I set her down as I run back in the room.
The Return of The Lusty Wife - - Part 4  “Hold on,” I scream, “Back…” as I get down on my knees I reach into my back pocket where I grab the handcuffs I brought.
She looks at me confusingly. “Keep calm and cum on… my face baby. No hands.”
She starts to moan as I lick her stomach down her waist and then on to her precious flower bud. I stick my tongue inside as she moans and I continue going faster.
She tastes so good, like sweet watermelon on a hot summer day. I make sure she is good and wet before I stop; I’ve got another surprise up my sleeve. I was going to wait until later, but right now seems perfect.
  “Hold on lovely…” I put on the strap-on in the room. We both love cock as much as we love pussy. She is struggling as I return back to the balcony. I step up on the chair and make her suck my cock, no hands. I love having her handcuffed, it gives me a feeling of authority and power.
  “You like that dick bitch? Say you love that fucking dick.”
  “Oh baby, I love your hard dick in my mouth,” she says as she continues to nob up and down. I take it out of her mouth and slam it into her wet pussy. She yelps and moans louder than she has before. Since we are on the balcony, I have to shut her up, so once again I cover her pretty lips and continue to enter her.
Although the strap on doesn’t necessarily give me pleasure, she does. My pussy is so wet as I continue fucking her.
  “I love you… OH… MY…Fucking…OHHHH, baby, I’m going to come.” She screams as I take it out and put my face right in her juiciness. I lick it all up as she squirms around.
Her body is my playground. Good God do I love this woman.
I slide my body back up and kiss her mouth and slowly remove her handcuffs. I love making her taste herself after she’s been in my mouth.
  “We should probably go take a shower and get ready, what do you say?”
The Return of The Lusty Wife - - Part 4  “Yes, but first… come here, let me kiss you again.” She plants the most passionate, intimate kiss on my lips.
As we head back inside we round up our shower equipment and set the water to our liking. She hops in and then I follow.
She kisses me and washes me down and I can’t get over this feeling; this feeling of belonging. She touches my pussy. She rubs down the front and then enters me as my back is pressed against the shower wall. I let out a slight moan. She goes for a few minutes and then I cum.
  “That was fast,” she says commenting my orgasm time of arrival, “You never cum that fast.” She laughs.
  “I know, sorry babe.”
  “No, don’t be sorry. I love making you feel pleasure. Fast or slow, one in the same for me. I am going to get out and get ready.” She kisses me again and gets out of the shower. I stay in for a few minutes longer and just enjoy the beating heat on my body.
We finally get ready and head out on the town. The front desk receptionist recommends we go to Gary Danko for a fine dining. Since I am treating my love, I only want the best of the best.
We arrive at the place and fine dining it is. Ell looks lovely as always. She has on a short red dress with red and black heels and I sport a black dinner dress, with hot black heels; two beautiful women having dinner. No one would ever guess we are thinking about fucking in the bathroom.
We order with a few beverages and after the third hits, I do want to take her in this upscale bathroom and really go to work, but I contain myself. Her mind was clearly in the same spot though.
  “Want to go to the restroom?” she asks as I nod “yes. “
  “I’ll be right there,” I say as I slam down the rest of my drink. I tell the waiter that I am excusing myself but we will be right back. He nods and I almost sprint to the bathroom for I know she’s nearly naked already.
I go to the back stall and knock slightly, “Babe, its me…” She unlatches and is only in her heels. Her red dress in hanging on the back of the door, as I shut the door she reaches into her purse and pulls out the handcuffs.
The Return of The Lusty Wife - - Part 4She latches me on the door handle and then heads back to her purse where she grabs the strap-on.
  “I want to fuck you now babe. You can’t just have all the fun.” I shake my head in disbelief. She is fucking nuts.
  “No way Ell! I will be way to loud!”
She steps into the belt and tells me, “turn around and bend a little bit for me baby, I know you want this fat cock inside of you, don’t you?
You want it?
Tell me how bad you want it.”
I bend down a little and she grabs me by the neck and sticks it in. I let out a soft scream. She starts slow and then goes all in. I can’t moan loudly because there were other people in the rest room.
  “Baby, don’t stop… Keep going… you feel so good. I fucking love you.”
Damn it! I say it again. I turn around and am now facing her. She stick it back in and fucks me face-to-face. On and on we fuck and I let myself go. I was coming whether it was too fast or now. I pull her in with my free hand and grab her fat ass and pushed her into me even deeper. My body starts shaking as I give her all of me.
She kisses me hard and takes off the toys and dresses quickly. She tells me she’ll meet me at the table. I am a little confused but then wonder if it had been about what I said. I didn’t mean to tell her I loved her again. I just know how I feel right now. I put my clothes on and looked at myself in the mirror. How did you get here? I asked the reflection in the mirror.
When will all of this craziness be over?
I walk back over to the table and sat down. I look at Ell, who is slowly dripping her martini.
  “Look Ell…” I start to say but she cuts me off.
  “’I’m sorry to cut you off but I need to get something off my chest. I know this has been fun. I get it. I enjoy fucking you and getting you off just as much as I love sucking your husband’s dick and getting him off. The truth is, I don’t know if I can anymore. You tell me you love me and he’s telling me the same thing.”
  “He tells you that?” I asked her in disbelief.
  “You both have this thing for me, but I am bad news for both of you. I am a wild spirit… and to tell you the truth… I am in love with somebody else. I hate to say this to you because I am so truly fond of you and Mason. Maybe we can wrap this trip up and call it quits…
What do you think? ”
  “I’m sorry Ell. I’m sorry that you feel this way. I’m sorry for having feelings for you. It’s very…different, to say the least.”
  “No, don’t say sorry for how you feel. “ She stares at her plate of food, playing with the fork. Minutes pass.
  “You ready?” I ask, a little softly. “I need to pay the bill,” I say as I wipe a tear from my eye.
As we get back to the hotel room. I go to the bathroom and wipe off my make up and clean my face. I get undressed and go out to the balcony where I see Ell in the chair looking at the view. Without thinking, I lean down and kiss her fully on the lips. She kisses me back as if nothing has happened. 
I instantly get wet as she touches me through my panties. She gets up and trades me positions. As I lay on the chair she slowly goes from my lips down to nibbling on my neck. As she reaches for my stomach, she takes off my panties. I pull her up to my mouth again for a little bit more. Her tongue inside my mouth is so warm and perfect, sensual.
The Return of The Lusty Wife - - Part 4She slowly goes back down and enters her tongue into my opening. My juices are flowing like a river stream inside of her mouth.
I’m on the brink of climax as my cell vibrates. She keeps going and going; in and out as I moan for more and more.
The phone goes off again as she hands it to me, tongue still in my vagina.
Caller ID: Mason.


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